While the world around us gets colder by the day, our hearts are constantly being warmed by good cheer – and what’s the most de-LIGHT-ful way to spread the joy? Christmas lights, of course!

Whether you’re a regular Clark Griswold or you just want to keep up with the neighbors, here are 6 unique ways to spread the warmth to all who pass by – or go enjoy some for yourself!

1. Create a dazzling display with one single device thanks to this Christmas Laser Light. It works both indoors and outdoors and has multiple unique settings!

Promising Review: “I am glad I bought this because this is easy to setup and clean up compared to traditional icicle lights we used to use for Christmas decorations. This laser light is very strong and comes with a remote. There are special flashes effects to choose from. Good buy!!” – BB

Click HERE to get the Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Laser Light!

2. In a hurry, but still want perfect results? Grab a Tree Dazzler to instantly create a holiday lightshow on ANY tree!

Promising Review: “I love this thing! The tree was literally lit up in 10 minutes. I don’t like the way it’s shown on the box, TV, or on the video, though. It’s shown just draped over the tree, which gives it a vertical look. I prefer to shove the lights into the tree with a swirled , criss cross pattern. Really looks nice, and gives you a lot of options for patterns. We have a pre lit tree with white lights, and it has those “snow covered” branches. The light colors bounce nicely around the tree this way. I love being able to change the colors and patterns as my moods choose. Our 5 year old grandson loves helping choose the color/ pattern combo.” – Frances Jefferson

Click HERE to get the Tree Dazzler!

3. Turn your lights into smart lights with help from Alexa or Google Home using these Smart Plugs! You can control them remotely and even schedule patterns. (And hey, who wants to get up to turn off the lights anyway?)

Promising Review: “I was looking for a pack of Wi-Fi plugs to use with my lamps and these work great. They were easy to setup when using the smart life app and I was able to have them running within a few minutes. They feel well made and are very sturdy. They are a little big so it may be hard trying to fit them next to each other depending on your outlet, but they are perfect if you have a power strip. It was very easy to use these with Alexa and they are great for making your house a “smart” house. I really like how you can control these plugs from either the app or Alexa because it gives you more options. This is useful especially if you are not by an echo device. Overall I think these plugs are fantastic, and I plan to buy another set in the future.” – JCCK

Click HERE to get the Gosund Smart Plugs!

4. Want to go with a more modern theme? Check out the Johnson Family House – their dubstep-themed Christmas display is complete with custom music that brings a whole new spin to the holidays.

Warning: You might want to turn your speakers down. Or up. You do you!

5. Once you’ve set yours up, it’s time to go enjoy everyone else’s hard work! But how do you find the best light displays in your local area? Simple – with the Christmas Display Finder website!


You can search your local area and find detailed descriptions plus addresses of displays. They’re pulled from news reports and people sending in their displays. Happy light hunting!

Click HERE to visit the Christmas Light Finder website (free to use!)

6. Don’t have the time to set up a brilliant display? Hopefully your neighbors do – because then you can just copy the sentiment. (We hear Santa gives full credit for this!)

Happy holidays, and good luck out there!!

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