Weight gain can sneak up on you, whether it’s from indulging in family meals, going out to eat too often, or enjoying one too many drinks one too many times. 

Indulging is okay once in a while but it can make reaching your ideal size a lot more challenging. Don’t fret the extra weight, though, because you can lose it with a bit of dedication and cutting back. Here are five weight loss and exercise tips to help you get back on track as the winter progresses.


Losing weight is a challenge at the best of times, and it becomes even more difficult if you’re consistently sedentary at work and over-indulging after. If you have a goal to shed some pounds, however, it is absolutely possible with a shift in behavior. Check out these five weight loss and exercise tips. 

1. Set reasonable goals

Before all else, set some weight loss goals. Do not make them unrealistic because failing to meet your expectations can push you off track and leave you discouraged. 

One strategy is to develop both short-term and long-term goals. Your short-term goals could be to progressively attain about 10% of your long-term ones. Reaching several short-term goals will help you build momentum and set you up for long-term success.

2. Stay hydrated

Drinking water throughout the day helps you feel fuller and can reduce your calorie intake. People tend to mistake thirst for hunger, so you might find yourself snacking more and overeating if you aren’t getting enough water. Consuming water with meals also adds volume and weight to them, filling you up more rapidly.

A smart hydration device like Ulla helps ensure you drink enough water daily. This egg-shaped hydration reminder that you drop in your water bottle or glass lets you know when it’s time to drink some H2O. It tracks how much water you consume each day so you don’t have to worry about remembering to hydrate.

3. Limit your alcohol consumption


Having a few drinks is not a crime but it may be adding pounds to your waistline. Many alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories and/or sugar that you’re consuming when you imbibe. 

You don’t have to give up alcohol altogether, but try to avoid sugary mixed drinks as much as possible and always avoid drinking excessively. 

4. Unplug for a bit


Technology makes our lives both easier and more stressful, as constantly checking your phone, laptop, and other electronics can lead to depression, anxiety, and burnout. These symptoms can contribute to unhealthy eating. 

Spend a couple of hours per day without your smartphone and other devices to help reduce this stress. When you aren’t stressed, you’re less likely to overeat, making your weight loss goals more attainable.

5. Develop an exercise routine

Coming up with an exercise routine that fits your daily life makes it easier to reach your weight loss goals. The objective is to create a calorie deficit where you’re burning more calories daily than you consume. This deficit forces your body to burn the calories your body has stored, leading to weight loss.

Your at-home exercise routine doesn’t have to be overly challenging, as things like jogging on the treadmill, doing some light strength training, and participating in some yoga are adequate to reduce your caloric intake. 

If you’re still struggling to lose weight or find that your routine isn’t cutting it, there is a fantastic alternative fat-burning method called Isavera. Isavera is an at-home fat freezing system that helps you eliminate fat that diet and exercise aren’t touching. It’s easy to use and clinically proven to give you a significantly slimmer and more sculpted look. Check out Isavera here.

It’s time to reach your goals 

Attaining a weight loss goal isn’t easy because many things can get in your way. Fortunately, you can do it if you set realistic goals and follow tips like the ones above.  

Do you have any good weight loss and exercise tips? Let us know in the comment section below, and share this article with anyone in your life that’s struggling to lose those extra pounds.

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