Many of life’s little challenges require a specialized tool or product. Here at GiddyUp, we’re all about that – we love innovations!

However, sometimes you have everything you need to solve the problem right at home. Today we’re paying homage to a few of our favorite simple solutions. These “life hacks” make life a little easier – check ‘em out, then give them a try!

1. Unclog Your Drains in Seconds

Baking soda and vinegar | Life Hacks: Unclog Drains, Body Odor, And A Homemade Speaker

Baking Soda and Vinegar Photo by Wikimedia Commons


You know it’s a problem when water starts coming back up the drain. Don’t panic – here’s your easy fix.

Just pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain. Follow that with 1 cup of vinegar and boiling water. A momentary volcano in the drain. Problem solved.

2. For Those Days You Forget the All-Important Deodorant

Lemon healthy fruit and yellow | | Life Hacks: Unclog Drains, Body Odor, And A Homemade Speaker


We’ve all been there. On the train, in the car, at your desk … you realize you forgot deodorant, and now you’re worried you’ll soon smell like something in-between a musty sock and dead water buffalo.

You have two options: don’t raise your arms for the rest of the day, OR …..grab a lemon! That’s right. Lemon juice magically masks body odor after you rub a few drops on your skin. It has a mild astringent quality that mimics the pore-closing effect of antiperspirant! Now, when life gives you lemons… you have a completely new way to use them 🙂

3. How to Play Music Loudly Without a Speaker

Glass smartphone | Life Hacks: Unclog Drains, Body Odor, And A Homemade Speaker

Glass, Smart Phone, and Table Photo by Wikimedia Commons


Speakers don’t come cheap. And when they do, they sound like it! But you can MacGyver a decent speaker with something as simple as your favorite stein.

Grab a glass from the pantry. Place it in the center of the room. Hit play on your favorite playlist, drop your phone in the glass, and be amazed. Setting your phone in a window sill works pretty well, too. (Although throwing your phone OUT the window isn’t recommended…)

4. Use glue to easily remove splinters

Image source: Pinterest


Splinters are such an annoyance! And the worst part about them is that they’re so hard to remove… but now that you know this trick, that’s a piece of cake!

Simply dab a bit of glue (Elmer’s glue works best) and let it sit, then peel. It will magically take the splinter along with it! (Plus, it just feels good for some reason…)

5. Use spaghetti to light candles (so you don’t burn your hands)

Image source: YouTube


Trying to light a candle but keep burning your fingers? No more!

If you don’t have one of those super-long lighters at hand, this hack works in a pinch. Just light the end of the spaghetti, then hold it next to the wick. Spaghetti holds a flame quite well – so it’s perfect for this otherwise dangerous task!

Alright, that’s all we have for you today. How about you – what’s your favorite life hack? Let us know in the comments below!

17 comments on “5 Life Hacks That Really Work

  1. Katherine Smith on

    Remove labels from prescription bottles…put in freezer overnight…
    Peel right off…no sticky glue left over…
    Will work on SOME other labels too…

  2. Leonie on

    Problems getting eyedropper into your or someone elses eye? “Make a pocket by pulling the lower lid down and away a little fr the eyeball, and in you drop it, squeeze the drops/cream into the cavity you made

  3. Desiree M on

    OMG, love these hacks. #1 hack I have done numerous times, sinks and bathtub, #3, interesting, #4, heard of it, #5 genius will give that a try. Thxs for sharing everyone’s posts, as they sat you learn something new every day! Cheers.

  4. Bobbie Reid on

    I learned this from my mom, and she learned it from her dad, my grandpa. (So MANY years ago.) When you have something in your eye that you can’t get out and are in a position where you are unable to rinse your eye, you can take a book of matches (NOT wooden), tear off a match and with the end that you tore off, NOT the sulfur end, you can run it inside your lower eye lid while looking up, and if needed, inside your upper eyelid while looking down. It will pull out the finest piece of fuzz and leave your eye feeling so much better! It has worked EVERY time I’ve tried it!


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