At GiddyUp, we love finding the newest and coolest products you never knew existed. While the brilliant inventions below would have been epic discoveries, unfortunately none of them exist (yet).

That said, check them out and let us know which of the four you would want invented first. You never know… we might be able to pull some strings and make it happen 🙂

1) Germ-Zapping Towel Dryer

Germaphobes rejoice! This towel drying and sanitizing innovation is brilliant and exactly what you’ve been waiting for. This invention will give you a dry and bacteria-free towel in seconds. The towel is instantly dried with heat and any lingering bacteria is disinfected with the use of UV technology. It doesn’t exist yet… but it’s definitely in the works!

2) The “Pick A Color Any Color” Pen

Say what?! This color-scanning pen brings the magic wand of Photoshop into real life. With this pen’s innovative (and currently non-existent technology), you can quickly grab any color, from any real world physical object, and instantly start writing or drawing in that color. How cool is that?!

3) The Heavenly Couch

This Cloud Levitating Sofa could be the coolest idea and execution of any couch, ever. It’s not completely hypothetical either. While it doesn’t exist yet, the designer’s theory is that giant magnets can be used to make the cloud-like sofa float and support up to 200 lbs. Talk about a heavenly experience! Would you buy this if it were available? Let us know in the comments section!

4) The Food Cleaning Sterilizer

Talk about clean eating! This invention guarantees 100% bacteria-free food – no matter where you are. Washing your food with tap water is a popular way to clean fruits and vegetables, but it rarely does the job due to how many chemicals are routinely found in public water systems. This gadget would guarantee sterilized water and in doing so, ensure your food is clean, safe, and delicious!

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