If you haven’t kept up with your fitness routine over the past year and a half (or maybe you went a little crazy with the take-out pizza), we’re not going to fault you.

But, if you’re ready to shake off the dust and get back in shape, few things are handier than a smartwatch. If you have one, you may not know all the amazing ways it can help encourage you to stay on track. (Those things are complicated, eh?)

No worries – we’re here to help! Here are three ways your smartwatch can help you keep track of your health:

1. Keep your heart healthy and happy

Your smartwatch can keep tabs on your heart rate thanks to a sensor on the back. Once you enter what would be considered high and low rates for you in your smartphone, your watch will notify you if you’re above or below your range. There is also an ECG feature that will let you know if an abnormal heart rhythm is detected. This feature has been shown to help save lives.


2. Improve your sleep quality

Want to know what goes on when you’re catching zzz’s? When you put your watch in “sleep mode,” it will monitor the quality of your sleep. When you wake up, you’ll be able to see how many hours you slept, along with what your heart rate was while you slumbered. Hint: You can even tell your watch what your bedtime is and it’ll turn on “sleep mode” automatically!

(Psst… if you want to learn more about the amazing world of sleep tracking, click here to read our full article on how it works!)

3. Monitor your activity

If you do plan to hit the gym — or just move around more — your watch can monitor everything. While it can count steps, that’s just for starters. Many watches will keep track of how much you move every day while figuring out how many calories you’re burning. Typically, there are settings for different types of exercise, including walking and running. You may also be able to choose options for things like hiking, cycling, or even yoga

If you’ve been reluctant to use your smartwatch or just didn’t know what it could do, now you can see exactly how it will help monitor your health. This may also encourage you to adopt (or re-establish) better habits, like waking to the pizza place to grab a pie once in a while instead of having it delivered. 

Check out this video to learn more about smartwatches and all that they can do for you: 

Smartwatch Introduction for Beginners

The only downside of a smartwatch? Keeping it charged… but thankfully, that’s easy these days!

Smartwatches are amazing, but they do lose out to analog watches in one key way: They require electricity!

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