1. C’mon …Who Wouldn’t Love Something To Prevent $1000s In Unnecessary Car Repairs?

Promising Review: We got the 2 sensors deal, so my wife and I could decipher that dreaded check-engine light. Although we ran into a few installation issues; thanks to timely, excellent and extraordinary technical support from Casey and Davis at FIXD, those issues quickly became a thing of the past. In summary, these guys are the bomb! I highly recommend FIXD. – Michael P.

Get FIXD Here

2. Do They Eat (Or Work) In Their Car A Lot? This Wheel Desk Makes Meals On The Go A Little More Civilized.

Promising Review: I am a manager that finds himself in the field quite a bit. I ordered this on a whim, and have since ordered a few for fellow managers, as gifts. The desk has fit almost every vehicle I have tried it in, and is just the right size for an iPad Pro in a Belkin Keyboard case. I have managed a laptop a few times as well. Oh, and you can eat lunch off of it as well, if you’d like. Just remove before driving. You have been warned. -KENISALL

Get The Car Laptop/Eating Wheel Desk Here

3. They’ll Love This Car Tray That Keeps Everything In Their Trunk Safe And Secure While They Drive – No More Worrying About Things Moving Around And Breaking!

Promising Review: I just purchased a new car with a large trunk. Groceries went everywhere and the dealership would put in a mesh liner, but it would affect my warranty and cost a bit. I ordered the set. These things hold and grab and no more shifting of anything in my trunk. The most amazing product! Great design. It’s worth the money to pay for a full set. I can rearrange my dividers and nothing moves. Not even heavy products. Great engineering. Great product. A definite best buy. Just make sure you have a carpeted back trunk. The Velcro sticks like glue, even though I have raised and lowered sections on my trunk surface, it sticks solid. – Roman

Get The STAYHOLD Car Trunk Organizer Here

4. Make Sure They’re Prepared For Roadside Emergencies With These Blinking LED Warning Lights!

Promising Review: These safety flares are great! They have exceeded my expectations. They produce bright, highly visible lighting patterns for night time highway breakdowns, especially when changing a flat on a dark highway. I tried them out the other night in the driveway. Along with the vehicle emergency flasher they set up a good safety zone. Not sure how effective during daylight, but they are a must at night. I plan to put three in each of my vehicles and a couple in my fishing boat for emergencies.

Get SlimK LED Road Flare Discs Here

5. This Set Of Seat Gap Fillers Will Help Them Keep Their Phone (and Plenty Of French Fries) Out Of The Dark Crevice Of Doom And Despair

Promising Review: This is the this is the 3rd set I’ve bought for myself plus I’ve bought for gifts as well. The first set I bought lasted for years. Really the only reason I replaced them was the sun faded the color. Again this was years after having purchased them. The last set I purchased was for a new car. I bought a set for my daughters car, which she requested and then my Mom asked for a set after seeing them in my car. So she got a set too! They work really well preventing things from dropping down the side of seats. – Christine T.

Get The Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler Here

6. Do They Spend Much Time In Traffic? This Wildly Popular, Memory Foam Seat Cushion For Car Seats Make Extremely Long Commutes A Little More Bearable For Bottoms

Promising Review: I have a car that sits very low and with lower back issues, it is difficult to get in and out of the car. This seat cushion has done everything I wanted it to, allowing me to drive the car with my knees slightly lower than my hips, stabilizing and cushioning my bottom, and therefore eliminating back pain. When I am at home, I use this cushion at my desk, on the couch while watching TV. I even took it with me on vacation. So glad I bought this — it has been a lifesaver for me… Well, at least a pain-saver!

Get The Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion Here

7. This Precise Dashboard Cam With Superb Video Quality Is Great For Anyone Who Is Weary Of Accidents Or Unruly Uber Passengers.

Promising Review: The AUKEY dash cam came with a suction cup mount and a mount that has a 3M tape on the back so you can do a more permanent type of mounting. I personally used the suction cup mount, which seems to be a good quality suction cup. The video quality and field of vision is really good. I set my video to record at 1080p/30 frames per second. There are other options, like loop recording, and how long you want the video segments, etc. The Sony Exmor sensor makes a difference in the quality of image, and now I understand that not all 1080ps are equal in quality. I just ordered another one for my wife’s car after seeing first-hand the video quality of this dash cam.

Get The AUKEY Dash Cam Here

8. Do They Spend A Lot Of Time On The Highway? This Blind Spot Mirror Is Perfect For Catching Those Out-Of-View Spots That Can Cause Sticky Situations

Promising Review: I looked at most of the blind spot mirrors on Amazon and settled on this one. I really like that the mirror is low profile and doesn’t have a border around it. It is good quality with no flaws. Once installed it looks like it was meant to be there and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It is also tiltable in all directions which was absolutely a requirement. If it is not adjustable, then most of your view will be of the side of your car.

Get The Ampper Blind Spot Mirror Here

9. Need A Healthier Way To Deodorize Their Car? This Pair Of Sticks Will Eliminate Unwanted Odors Without Adding Any Artificial Scents That Often Induce Headaches.

Promising Review: I seriously tried everything. This product is amazing and has completely eliminated the smell…and I mean…SMELL! Worth every penny, only regret is I didn’t find it sooner! – Nancy

Get StankStix Here

10. This Polymer Compound Grip Strip Pops On Their Dashboard To Grab And Hold Their Smartphone, Sunglasses, Pens, Keys…And Pretty Much Anything Else They Can Think Of.

Promising Review: I love this product. It holds anything you would normally throw up on the dash.. we are getting my husband one for his car. A great gift! – Amazon Customer

Get The Mini-Factory Sticky Car Dashboard Mat Here

11. Do They Drive An Older Car? This Bluetooth Car Adapter Can Play All Of Their Favorite Tunes And Podcasts Cord-Free!

Promising Review: Wow that’s all I can say about this. I have a wired FM transmitter and was worried about losing audio quality through Bluetooth but that’s not the case here. It’s easy to set up, works for music and audio calls, and also charges your phone at the same time so you’re not losing your cigarette lighter or charging option. Everybody who needs something like this should at least try it out. I don’t take mine in and out of the lighter so I have had no issues with durability.

Get The VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter Here

12. Here Something Practical – A Compact Digital Tire Gauge With A Digital LED Display So They Can Accurately Assess Their Car’s Tire Pressure, Day Or Night.

Promising Review: This is my third digital tire gauge. I like it better than the others because the non-slip texture makes it easy to hold on to, the LED light makes it really easy to use in the dark, and it easily forms a seal with the valve stem to get an accurate read on the first try.

Get The TEKTON Instant Read Digital Tire Gauge Here

13. Most Cars And Trucks Have Less-Than-Great Rear View Visibility. Give Them “Eyes In The Back Of Their Head” With Type S!

Promising Review: As a parent of a teenager this product is a lifesaver. Literally two weeks into driving (before we got Type S) he backed into a post. This has not only saved us money on purchasing a full install backup sensor, it saved us money on car insurance. I can’t express how easy it is to use and install either. If I could give it 10 stars I would. – Larissa L.

Get Type S Here

14. This Portable Car Jump Starter, Phone Charger, And Battery Booster Comes In Handy In Emergencies. Up To 20 Jumpstarts And Up To Four Smartphone Full Battery Cycles On A Single Charge!

Promising Review: This thing has saved my bacon (and some other people) several times! I must have a battery going bad in my full sized Chevy van with big V8 engine. Several times I have turned the key and the engine will not crank. I hooked up this wonderful gadget and the van starts right up. I can have it started in about two minutes time from when I find out the battery is dead. Just this week a motorcyclists battery was dead at the gas station I was filling up at. I said no worries friend. I got out the NOCO and we jumped his motorcycle in a jiffy. He was very appreciative and I was happy to help a stranger in distress out. This thing just plain works and it holds its charge for a long time. I could not be happier with it.

Get The NOCO UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Here

15. For The One Who Always Keeps A Change Of Clothes – This Set Of Car Hooks Can Keep Their Jackets, Bags, And Anything That Hangs Off The Floor.

Promising Review: Everyone who has gone into my car loves these hangers. So useful to hold purses, plastic bags, jackets, 40-ounce water containers, etc.! They have remained where I hooked them no matter what.

Get The ChiTronic Headrest Hanger Hooks Here

16. Encourage Them To Stop Driving With A Phone In Their Hands. VIZR Replaces Regular-View GPS With A Heads-up Display!

VIZR phone stand | Car Organization Ideas For All Ages

Promising Review: As a parent of a teenager this product is a lifesaver. Literally two weeks into driving (before we got Type S) he backed into a post. This has not only saved us money on purchasing a full install backup sensor, it saved us money on car insurance. I can’t express how easy it is to use and install either. If I could give it 10 stars I would. – Karen M.

Get VIZR Here

17. In Worst-Case Scenarios, This Keychain Car Escape Tool Can Cut Their Seat Belt And Break Their Car Window

Promising Review: I bought this product for my wife and one for my daughter. In 2010, she had a car accident and had to use the seat belt cutter and the glass impact hammer after she went off a bridge and into the water… I believe it helped save her life.

Get The resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool Here

18. Are They Always Loosing Their Car Keys? This Popular Gadget Can Change That For Good!

Promising Review: One of the most practical and useful products I’ve had in a while. It helped me on several occasions to locate my keys. Highly recommended for its price and utility. – Simon C.

Get XYFindIt Here

19. Are Their Headlights Looking A Little Dull? This Restorative Headlight Cleaning Kit Makes It Look Like They Just Drove Off The Lot

Promising Review: The results. I am still in shock about them. I saw some pictures of ‘results’ and I thought they were all fake. NO, they are not. It’s that good. I am very pleased with this product. If you need your headlights cleaned, buy this kit! On another note, my mom was so amazed by how well it worked she made me go buy another kit and clean her headlights too!

Get The SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit Here

20. For The Driver With A Lot Of Stuff – A Console Side Pocket With A Piggy Bank For Putting Loose Change (Great For Tolls And Parking) And A Longer Pocket Trailing Behind For Your Keys, Phone, And Wallet!

Promising Review: I put this in last night and went to work today and everything was perfect. I did have to install the foam spacers (included) to make it a really snug fit. It would have still worked without it but I like things perfect. So now the coins go in the coin pocket and my keys and other work related accessories go in the bigger pocket. This is one of the best cheap life hacks you can get if you’re a car person and/or just like being organized and neat.

Get The KMMOTORS Original Console Side Organizer Here

21. Do They Live Where It Snows? Make Their Mornings Easier With This Windshield Cover That Eliminates The Need For Scraping Off Ice And Frost. Fits Most Sedans, Suvs, And Trucks!

Promising Review: This prevents icy windshields early in the morning and even helps prevent snow buildup on your windshield! (Just don’t yank the cover too quickly otherwise you’ll still get snow on the windshield.) I used to have a carport and then moved to an apartment that had street parking. It was a pain in my butt to scrape ice/snow off of my windshield and this is a great solution that isn’t too expensive!

Get The OxGord Windshield Snow Cover Here

22. Do They Have Pets? This A Waterproof Pet Seat Cover Is The Perfect Shield Between The Back Seat And Their Pup’s Hairs (and Other Things).

Promising Review: I love this cover! I don’t know how I’ve lived all these years without this. I have three very hyper dogs that love the dog park but also love to destroy my car there and back. With the cover, they can’t scratch the seats, dirty the seats, and best of all can’t jump in the front and get in my way while I’m driving. The other day one of my dogs got car sick and threw up all over the cover. Luckily, it was so easy to wash! I’ve seen others that are not waterproof and I can’t imagine what a hassle it must be to have clean it. Seriously a great product!

Get The AmazonBasics Waterproof Seat Cover Here

23. Kid Going Off To School? This Kit Readies Them For Everything The Road Could Throw At Them – Includes First-aid Supplies, A Jumper Cable, Flashlight, Screwdriver, Duct Tape, Bungee Cord, A Shop Cloth, Six Cable Ties, Two AA Batteries, And An Emergency Poncho.

Promising Review: This is a great buy for the price. The cables are built pretty solid, and all these extras make this thing pretty useful should you need it. You should always have a kit like this in the trunk of your car.

Get The AAA 64 Piece Premium Traveler Road Kit Here

24. This Charging Phone Mount That Can Not Only Prop Their Phone Up For Easy (and Hands Free!!!) Navigation, But Charges Wirelessly!

Promising Review: Love this charger!! It’s so great because my husband and I have different phones. I have an Android and he has an iPhone so this is great because we don’t have to worry about different cables or charging cords. Whoever is driving just pops their phone in and goes. It’s so easy and very secure! It never falls off no matter how many pot holes we hit!!

Get The Squish Wireless Charger And Phone Holder Here

25. For The Busy Mom – This Heavy-Duty Expandable Car Hanger Bar Let Them Load Up The Car With Clothes, Plants, Dry-Cleaning, And Whatever Else They Might Be Shuttling.

Promising Review: These were a lifesaver during a recent move. My girlfriend and I just moved about 20 miles, and we were faced with deciding how to move all of our clothing. We didn’t really want to remove all of our hanging clothing, fold them, pack them, move them, and then have to unpack them again for such a short move. Thanks to these clothes bars, we were able to move our clothes one car-load at a time instead. The bar is very strong and high-quality. Her car has hooks and mine has handles, and this worked great for both. It can handle a huge amount of weight.

Get The Heavy-Duty Clothes Hanger Bar Here

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