Whether you’re a lifelong driver or just got your license last week, there’s one thing you probably already know: Your car doesn’t come fully equipped with everything you REALLY need. And we’re not just talking about a full tank of gas!

These days, there are countless incredible gadgets out there that make the driving experience safer, more enjoyable, or simply cheaper. Some can completely change the way you drive – for the better, of course – while others are important to have around in case of an emergency. We’ve put together 12 of our favorites below!

1. Every driver needs to be prepared for the worst-case scenario – making this 7-in-1 Car Charger + Escape Tool an absolute necessity.

Not only can it save your life in an emergency, it’s also an ultra-fast phone charger, power bank, flashlight and more!

Promising Review: “It works great and is so functional! I ordered the React because I charge my phone in the car everyday and was interested in the emergency features. I feel a sense of comfort because I know this thing is within arms reach if I was ever trapped in my vehicle (but I hope I never need to use those tools!)” -Kayd

Click HERE to get the ChargeHub React Car Charger + Escape Tool

2. Do you eat (or work) in your car? So do we – and that’s why we love this Wheel Desk!

Promising Review: “I am a manager that finds himself in the field quite a bit. I ordered this on a whim, and have since ordered a few for fellow managers, as gifts. The desk has fit almost every vehicle I have tried it in, and is just the right size for an iPad Pro in a Belkin Keyboard case. I have managed a laptop a few times as well. Oh, and you can eat lunch off of it as well, if you’d like. Just remove before driving. You have been warned.” -KENISALL

Click HERE to get the Car Laptop/Eating Wheel Desk

3. This easy-to-use device helps you “catch your mechanic” – possibly preventing THOUSANDS in unnecessary car repairs!

It’s the most useful car gadget we’ve ever seen… with lots of people claiming that they INSTANTLY save money. It doesn’t take long to pay for itself!

Promising Review: “We got the 2 sensors deal, so my wife and I could decipher that dreaded check-engine light. Although we ran into a few installation issues; thanks to timely, excellent and extraordinary technical support from Casey and Davis at FIXD, those issues quickly became a thing of the past. In summary, these guys are the bomb! I highly recommend FIXD.” – Michael P.

Click HERE to get FIXD

4. This “ultimate grabber tool” helps you easily fish up things you drop between the seats (it’s also super useful around the house!)

Promising Review: “We ordered the grabber because of our klutzy penchant for dropping small things (you know – an earring, a coin, a French fry) into the tiny, impossible-to-reach crevice between the car seat and the center console, thus losing them forever.

When the grabber arrived, we were so pleasantly surprised at how substantial and well made it is. We’re very happy to have it.” – Swazzana

Click HERE to get ODii!

5. This kit prepares you for everything the road can throw at you – including first-aid supplies, a jumper cable, flashlight, screwdriver, duct tape, bungee cord, a shop cloth, six cable ties, two AA batteries, and an emergency poncho. (Great for the kid’s first car!)

Promising Review: “Good price, lots of essential items…great for my nephew , a relatively new driver, who drives at night for his work. It was a perfect Christmas gift because it contains the essential safety items…and it made him more aware of his need for safe driving as well as some peace of mind knowing his car now contains emergency tools. He has nothing in his car for emergencies except his cell phone. We all feel better that is well-equipped for safety. NO DRIVER SHOULD BE WITHOUT SAFETY BASICS FOR DRIVING.” – L. Tallis Avery

Click HERE to get the AAA 64-Piece Premium Traveler Road Kit

6. This Car Tray keeps everything in their trunk safe and secure – no more worrying about things moving around and breaking!

Promising Review: “I just purchased a new car with a large trunk. Groceries went everywhere and the dealership would put in a mesh liner, but it would affect my warranty and cost a bit. I ordered the set. These things hold and grab and no more shifting of anything in my trunk. The most amazing product! Great design. It’s worth the money to pay for a full set. I can rearrange my dividers and nothing moves. Not even heavy products. Great engineering. Great product. A definite best buy. Just make sure you have a carpeted back trunk. The Velcro sticks like glue, even though I have raised and lowered sections on my trunk surface, it sticks solid.” – Roman

Click HERE to get the STAYHOLD Car Trunk Organizer

7. Make sure you’re prepared for a roadside emergency with these Blinking LED Warning Lights!

Promising Review: “These safety flares are great! They have exceeded my expectations. They produce bright, highly visible lighting patterns for night time highway breakdowns, especially when changing a flat on a dark highway. I tried them out the other night in the driveway. Along with the vehicle emergency flasher they set up a good safety zone. Not sure how effective during daylight, but they are a must at night. I plan to put three in each of my vehicles and a couple in my fishing boat for emergencies.” – The Don

Click HERE to get the SlimK LED Road Flare Discs

8. This wildly popular Memory Foam Seat Cushion turns your car seat into a comfy throne – it’s amazing on long car rides (and works great on planes, too)!

Promising Review: “I have a sensitive tail bone due to a past injury and find sitting for longer periods of time to be uncomfortable, especially on long car/plane rides so was looking for a product I could take with me on planes and automobiles. I really like this product and find it very comfortable to sit on. I am looking forward to taking it on a long plane ride to see if it helps on overnight flights and on those uncomfortable plane economy plane seats.” – Amazon Customer

Click HERE to get the Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

9. This precise dashboard cam with SUPERB video quality is great for anyone who is wary of accidents (or unruly Uber passengers).

Promising Review: “The AUKEY dash cam came with a suction cup mount and a mount that has a 3M tape on the back so you can do a more permanent type of mounting. I personally used the suction cup mount, which seems to be a good quality suction cup. The video quality and field of vision is really good. I set my video to record at 1080p/30 frames per second. There are other options, like loop recording, and how long you want the video segments, etc. The Sony Exmor sensor makes a difference in the quality of image, and now I understand that not all 1080ps are equal in quality. I just ordered another one for my wife’s car after seeing first-hand the video quality of this dash cam.” – Amazon Customer

Click HERE to get the AUKEY Dash Cam

10. This Polymer Compound Grip Strip pops on your dashboard to grab (and hold) your smartphone, sunglasses, pens, keys… and pretty much anything else you can think of!

Promising Review: “I love this product. It holds anything you would normally throw up on the dash.. we are getting my husband one for his car. A great gift!” – Amazon Customer

Click HERE to get the Mini-Factory Sticky Car Dashboard Mat

11. This portable car jump starter, phone charger, and battery booster comes in handy in emergencies. You get up to 20 jump-starts and up to four full smartphone battery cycles on a single charge!

Promising Review: “This thing has saved my bacon (and some other people) several times! I must have a battery going bad in my full sized Chevy van with big V8 engine. Several times I have turned the key and the engine will not crank. I hooked up this wonderful gadget and the van starts right up. I can have it started in about two minutes time from when I find out the battery is dead. Just this week a motorcyclists battery was dead at the gas station I was filling up at. I said no worries friend. I got out the NOCO and we jumped his motorcycle in a jiffy. He was very appreciative and I was happy to help a stranger in distress out. This thing just plain works and it holds its charge for a long time. I could not be happier with it.” – Amazon Customer

Click HERE to get the NOCO UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

12. Do you use your phone to navigate? It’s a dangerous habit that too many of us have – which is why we love VIZR, the heads-up display for your phone!

Promising Review: “I have an older car and wanted an inexpensive way to add navigation on my dashboard. I tried a couple different heads up displays but my phone kept sliding off of other products. I like VIZR for its sticky feet and rubber bumpers which hold VIZR and my phone in place while going around sharp turns. I’ve even been able to move VIZR around on my dash and VIZR retained its stickiness without leaving marks on my dashboard.” – Tom B.

Click HERE to get VIZR

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