Did you know that arthritis is the most common cause of work disability in America? It affects nearly 60 million people in the U.S., with 1 in 4 adults having the aching condition. 

While there are several different types of arthritis, they all have an impact on the joints and can cause inflammation or degeneration. The hands, feet, knees, and hips generally feel the biggest brunt of this disease. 

If you’re dealing with arthritis, you know how even basic things like getting dressed, opening jars, and walking can be very painful. 

Having the right tools, however, can make everyday tasks a whole lot easier. Take a look at this list of 11 items that help during flare-ups. 

1. Long-handled shoe lifter


When you have arthritis, even something as simple as putting on your shoes can be difficult. It’s a lot simpler, however, with a shoehorn.

The one pictured comes from Fanwer, and it can be adjusted from 16 to 31 inches. It also has a spring between the handle and shoehorn, enabling the user to insert the shoehorn from different angles. Pick one up on Amazon here.

2. Walker hand grips

In addition to being painful to grip, the metal handles on a walker can also become slippery. Slide-on hand pads improve both comfort and safety. Here is one of our favorite sets of grips from Amazon.

3. Button hook dressing aid


Anything that involves gripping – especially small things like buttons – can be a huge challenge for people with rheumatoid arthritis. A button hook dressing aid, like this one from OXO, can be a lifesaver. It has a handle that is easy to grip, and the flexible wire can get through small holes on shirts and sweaters.

4. Dressing stick

While buttons can be troublesome, so can other basics of getting dressed. A dressing stick helps with things like pulling up pants and pulling on sleeves and socks. Here is one of our favorite Dressing Sticks on Amazon.

5. Jewelry fastener

Putting on jewelry can also be a chore when your hands hurt. A bracelet fastener makes it simple and quick to hook necklaces and bracelets. With dozens of options to choose from, here is a great find for less than $10.

6. Grab-it gadget


Bending, kneeling, and reaching can all be hard when dealing with arthritis. This is where a gadget grabber like ODii can be a huge help. It features a 19-inch flexible claw that can hold up to 10 pounds, as well as a goose-neck magnet attachment and an LED light. Plus, it shrinks for easy storage, and it will even fit inside a car’s glove compartment.

7. Electric jar opener

Jars can be tough for anyone to open, especially for those who have pain in their hands from arthritis, which is why an electric jar opener is a must-have. Some types can be mounted under a cabinet, making it a much easier process to get those difficult jars open. Here is a top seller on Amazon to check out.

8. Large scissors


Using a regular pair of scissors can be difficult when suffering from arthritis. This pair, made by Emilio Torazzi, is big and has rubberized handles. They also have very sharp blades so users don’t have to grip hard to apply pressure.

10. Seat cushion

Because arthritis can cause pain in the lower back and hips, just sitting can be very uncomfortable. A padded seat cushion can make a world of difference, especially for metal or wooden seats. Check out this top rated seat cushion on Amazon here.

11. Stand assist


When your back or hips are aching, getting up from a soft couch or low chair can be difficult, particularly if there aren’t any armrests to use. A stand assist like this one from Able Life offers a place to grasp, as well as strong support to help you get up. 

Do any of these tools look helpful to you? 

Arthritis can be debilitating, but it doesn’t have to completely impede how you live your life. If you’d like to gain more control over your condition, any of these tools and devices can be very helpful. 

Do any of these tools look helpful for things you struggle with? Have you used any of them before or something else that worked? Let us know in the comment section and share this article with someone who would find it useful.

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