Are you a fan of the James Bond films? What do you love about them? The international intrigue? The explosive action sequences? The tuxedos? For me, it’s all about the gadgets! 

I can’t get enough of Q’s lab and all the wacky (not to mention deadly) stuff he and his science cronies cook up for Bond’s adventures. Now that the latest film, “No Time to Die,” is out, here’s a look at 10 of the coolest innovations from throughout the series. 

1. Invisible car

James Bond opens the door of his invisible car


You can’t talk about James Bond without mentioning his cars, especially the iconic Aston Martin. In “Die Another Day,” Bond (played by Pierce Brosnan), gets to drive a model with a pretty nifty feature: It can become invisible. Well, sort of. It was actually outfitted with cameras and screens that just made it seem invisible, but that’s pretty close!

2. Spiked umbrella

Alas, the spiked umbrella was never actually used out in the field, but Bond (played by Roger Moore) does get a demonstration of how it works in the lab in “For Your Eyes Only.” Though it looks like a regular umbrella, once activated, long metal spikes come out and promptly stab a person.

3. Camera gun

In “License to Kill,” Timothy Dalton as Bond has a lot of fun stuff to play with (more on that later), and one of them is just your average, ordinary Polaroid camera that just happens to shoot lasers. Plus, because of its fingerprint scanner, only Bond can use it.

4. Bagpipe flamethrower

There’s no subtlety to this one: It’s a freakin’ bagpipe that shoots flames! It can also be used as a machine gun, but that’s just not as cool. Again, sadly, like the spiked umbrella, this was only a lab gadget, and Bond (Brosnan) didn’t get a chance to use it in “The World is Not Enough.”

5. Dagger shoe

A woman wearing black shoes with daggers on the soles.


While not as high-tech as the other items on this list, the “simple” dagger shoe is very effective, especially since the blade tips are poisoned. The shoes are worn by SPECTRE agents and Sean Connery’s Bond has to grabble with these lethal loafers in “From Russia with Love.” 

6. X-Ray glasses

Remember having x-ray glasses as a kid and thinking – just for a moment – that they actually did what they were designed to do? Well, they actually give Bond the power of x-ray vision in “The World is Not Enough,” where he uses them to see if someone is carrying any concealed weapons, like, perhaps, a flame-throwing bagpipe.

7. Explosive toothpaste

The Bond universe is great at disguising things that can kill you as everyday objects (like the umbrella and camera) and in “License to Kill, they do this with what appears to be a harmless tube of toothpaste. But, you wouldn’t want to use Dentonite to brush with as it’s actually a plastic explosive, which gets triggered by a detonator disguised as a pack of cigarettes.

8. Cigarette rockets

Speaking of cigarettes, in “You Only Live Twice,” Connery’s Bond has a pack that is more harmful to the people around the smoker than the actual smoker. And we’re not talking about second-hand smoke. These cigarettes perform as rocket launchers with a range of 30 yards.

James Bond prepares to lift off while wearing a rocket pack strapped to his back


9. Jet pack

Like real x-ray glasses, jet packs were another thing many of us dreamed about having as kids, largely because of movies like “Thunderball.” Alas, almost 60 years later, it doesn’t seem like we’re any closer to finding these under the tree on Christmas morning.

10. Submarine car

Perhaps the best Bond gadget – or at least the coolest – is the car that turns into a submarine in “The Spy Who Loved Me.” Not the fabled Aston Martin, but a Lotus Esprit instead, this car couldn’t just go underwater, it also had tons of weapons that Roger Moore playing Bond got to use. These weapons included underwater mines, surface-to-air missiles, and, of course, a device that sprayed concrete, naturally.

What are your favorite James Bond gadgets?

The James Bond universe is filled with so many awesome innovations. These are my favorite James Bond gadgets, which ones do you like? While you’re at it, let us know which actor you liked best as Bond, and – since it’s Daniel Craig’s last movie – tell us who you want to see take up the 007 moniker. Leave a comment below!


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