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1. ThePhotoStick OMNI: Back Up ALL Your Photos & Videos… On ALL Your Devices… With Just 1 Click!

Backup all the photos on your phone with The Photostick OMNI

If you have a ton of photos & videos on your computer AND phone, then you needs the “big guns”. In that situation there’s only one answer: ThePhotoStick OMNI. This powerful USB stick finds and saves ALL of your photos and videos on ANY device (phone, tablet and computer) in a matter of seconds. Plus, they’re easy to share from the free app. It couldn’t be faster or easier!

  • Finds, sorts, and backs up all her photos and videos in minutes
  • Works on ALL computers, phones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, etc.)
  • Does everything automatically – no complicated setup, logins, or software to install!
  • Automatically organizes her files neatly into folders so they’re easy to find
  • Holds up to 120,000 photos and videos – all the storage she’ll ever need!

Over 1,500,000 people already use ThePhotoStick!

Click HERE to backup your most precious files with ThePhotoStick OMNI!


2. Bondic: Prepare to Throw Away Your Super Glue… Because THIS Is 1000x Better!

Bondic - better than super glue

Do you prefer to repair things rather than throw them away? Right on – then there’s no better tool out there for you than Bondic! This “high-tech future version of glue” is super easy (and incredibly satisfying) to use. Oh, and it’s also 50x stronger than glue, never leaves any mess, and can be remolded and reshaped again and again. What’s not to love?!

  • Bondic is 50X stronger than glue. It’s designed to last forever!
  • Works on any and all surfaces – metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics – you name it!
  • Never leaves a mess or sticky fingers behind — only bonds when exposed to UV light!
  • Won’t dry out since it’s not a glue. Melt and reuse over and over and over!
  • Completely safe to use, non-toxic, and no heat required!

Over 1500 5-Star Reviews. As featured in Popular Science!

Click HERE to make your fix-it projects MUCH easier with Bondic!


3. bril: The Automatic Toothbrush Sterilizer That Protects Your Mouth From MILLIONS Of “Toilet Germs”

Sanitize your toothbrush with bril

Eww! Did you know that our toothbrushes are COVERED in nasty (and potentially dangerous) bacteria? Yup – toothbrushes are like magnets for the millions of germs that float around the bathroom (especially when you flush). That means you’re putting them in your mouth whenever you brush… until you get bril, that is! This new invention acts as a carrying case and toothbrush holder, but it comes equipped with a safe, yet powerful UV light that automatically sterilizes his toothbrush after every use. It’s a must-have for anyone who is conscious about what you puts in your body – plus they have great bundle deals going on right now, so you can save a bunch if you pick one up for the whole family.

  • Proven to kill 99.9% of germs – bril kills germs on a molecular level by destroying their DNA with safe UV light
  • Works on any brush – one size fits all!
  • Easy to use – just place the toothbrush in bril and it automatically gets sterilized!
  • Comes in multiple colors so you can easily tell whose bril is whose
  • Great for his whole body – bril kills bacteria that can increase his risk for heart disease, diabetes, and more

As seen on FOX, CBS, NBC, USA Today and more!

Click HERE to get rid of the disgusting germs from your toothbrush with bril!


4. AirPhysio: The Doctor-Approved Device That Cleans Her Lungs Naturally – Without Drugs!

If you or someone you love suffers from a lung condition or congestion from too much mucus buildup, AirPhysio is the natural device that could completely change your life! This specially-designed device uses a revolutionary, totally safe method to naturally loosen phlegm in the chest – helping you breathe easier in just a few days. Not only does it help clean the lungs, but it also helps increase lung capacity. It’s a must-have for anyone who has trouble breathing!

Steve E. loved this innovation so much he wrote the following…

“I wake up every morning very weazy in my lungs. I’m constantly clearing my throat, and I’ve even started using a asthma inhaler to try to open up my lungs. It’s worse if I’m out in the cold and come in to a nice warm room or when I exercise (exercise induced asthma). I’ve been using my Airphysio a little over a week now and I have actually seen a slight improvement already. I use it first thing in the morning before I go to workout and I’ve noticed I don’t seem to be clearing my throat as much. I haven’t been using my inhaler at all. This device is very easy to use. Just take a deep breath, put it in your mouth and seal your lips and exhale hard enough to get the vibration but not too hard. Takes a few times to get better at it but keep it up.”

Click HERE to get a BIG discount on AirPhysio!


5. Soul Insole: The Fast, Natural Way To Get Relief From Foot Pain

Feeling foot pain lately? No sweat – Soul Insole is here for you! No matter what size your shoes are, these amazing “micro-orthotic” insoles will glide seamlessly in and give you immediate comfort and relief. Not only will it feel amazingly good RIGHT AWAY, but it will actually support proper alignment and help you feel less pain all over your body!

  • Completely sustainable – Soul Insoles last for years, don’t lose stickiness after wash and one pair can be used on multiple shoes
  • Biomechanical design redistributes pressure evenly across your foot to relieve unwanted pressure
  • Reduces stress from the gentle foot massage you’ll be feeling all day
  • Relieves foot, back, AND body pain. Helps you from the bottom up!
  • Works in every single shoe – even open-toed sandals!

#1 Choice By Doctors, Top Athletic Therapists and Medical Practitioners Worldwide

Click here to get a special discount on Soul Insole!

That’s it for today! What did you think of these 5 amazing innovations? What kinds of products are you looking forward to discovering in the newsletter? Let us know in the comments below.

96 comments on “Welcome To My Daily Discovery!

  1. Diane Abbott on

    Hi, I’m a first time buyer & so looking forward to receiving the Air Physio. All of the 5 items you described sound like wonderful products especially the Detox foot pads. I can’t decide at the moment what item to order , however I’m sure I will in the future. Thank you so much. Diane

  2. Michelle Marshall on

    I just ordered 3 AirPhysio for my sister, boyfriend & myself & wanted to thank you for the My Daily newsletter! I’m interested in the OMNI stick & will let you know how we like the AirPhysio as we really need it! My sister has COPD for years & my boyfriend has terrible COPD Asthma & breathing problems so we are excited to try it!

  3. Mary Murt on

    First Time buyer from uk, order two photostix can’t wait for them to arrive , love gadgets, hopefully will be shopping lots more with you

  4. Bloise on

    I just photostick Omni and I can hardly wait to get it. I have thousands of photos that I need to save and get rid of duplicates. I know that I will love my new photostick!!

    • Greg Rollett on

      That’s great Bloise! And I bet it will feel even better to know all those photos and memories are backed up!! 🙂

    • Greg Rollett on

      Thanks for the comment Linda! Can’t wait for you to receive your first product and let us know if you have any questions about any other innovations we feature.

  5. Tan Kian Hock on

    Thank you for the warm welcome.

    Give me time to look through your offers. I being a shopaholic, I am sure you will be hearing from me.

    Incidentally, do you sell any cure for it?

  6. Ford Taylor on

    In 2020 I was signed up for surgery on a deviated septum & enlarged turbinates. Then covid-19 hit & my elective surgery was canceled. I just learned about the Hale Breathing Aid & placed an order today with fingers crossed. We’ll see how it goes.

  7. Chez McCallum on

    Hi Greg,
    I am new here. I have just ordered three of the new AirPhysio Gadgets. Hoping for fast deliveries too. My hubby & I are both brochular asthmatics & he has COPD too, so if this works for us I will order a few more as we are a big family of bronchular asthmatics. Will be buying many more of your handy gadgets. Look forward to seeing the newsletters too.
    Best thing I bought in the last twelve months is six pairs of lightweight fully airy closed in shoes for work. They are the most comfortable I have worn, wear with or without socks & forget they are even on my feet I am in them for up to fifteen hours a day, on my feet in Aged Care & Disability, seven days a week. Love them!

    • Greg Rollett on

      Thanks Chez! The AirPhysio is an amazing innovation that you and your hubby are going to love and really make a difference in your everyday life. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

  8. Shira Silverman on

    Thank you for this resource. I just ordered the chillpill today and look forward to finally sleeping at night. I’m sure that I will order the AirPhysio sometime soon, since this year I’ve had a few bad bouts with phlegm, including bronchitis. Great to see there’s a healthy way to solve that problem. Thank you again.

  9. Julia L Landreth on

    Just ordered the flip fork seems like a great product can’t wait for it to be delivered so we can use it.

    • Greg Rollett on

      Thanks for letting us know Julia! I love using mine, especially in this beautiful summer weather. Can’t wait for you to start having awesome BBQ’s with it too!

  10. Rob Anker on

    Ordered 3 + 2 for free. Heard a lot about it so want it as part of my general usage and to give a couple to my adult kids etc.
    So obviously I’m open to good hard to get locally quality products. In the States they have some really great stuff not readily available here in the U.K.
    Rob. 🤗

  11. Wendy on

    First time buyer. Will let you if your product does what it says it will. I certainly hope so because I purchased two of them.

  12. Jack McDonald on

    I just purchased the PhotoStick. I have not received it yet. I hope it works as good as they say it does.
    But I’ll let you know, Jack

  13. Heide Logan on

    I have a constant cough, I am using Asthma inhalers, but the cough doesn’t want to shift.
    I ordered the air physio, hoping it will help me.

  14. Sandra Gardner on

    Hey there,
    so I just finished reading up on the five different products you had listed very interesting.
    I just purchased the Photo Stik and hoping it will help my husband and I with all of our family memories spread over several computers.

  15. Tyla VP on

    Oh ya and I also bought this tape called alien tape it’s the bomb all you have to do is make sure you follow the directions and keep it Ina sealed bag it’s re-use able, just wash it off under cool water let it dry and put it back in the bag I bought a pretty big roll under 25.00

  16. Tyla VP on

    I just ordered 2 Photo Stick ONNI’s both 128GB my husband and I have multiple laptops, phones, etc…They’re all in need of having having this done and also having the other files organized…I sure hope it works as good as you say it does…I’m looking forward to having everything organized in my laptops and phone and maybe just to be able to go ahead and remove the pics all together from my phone after they’re taken. I really need the airphysio so I’m thinking about getting that as well…

    • Greg Rollett on

      Thanks for sharing Tyla! It will be so great to have all your photos and videos not only organized but backed up!

  17. Carol Douglas on

    Just signed up with you, I like new things! Have already ordered the Physio thing, I have a really bad time with shortness of breath, I will be one of the happiest ladies on the planet if it works….and my husband, so sympathetic but can do nothing about it…..thank you!

    • Greg Rollett on

      Hi Carol! Thanks for the message. Air Physio sounds like the perfect innovation for you. You are lucky that you have a supportive husband and can’t wait to hear the feedback after you get Air Physio in the mail!

  18. Susan Zebell on

    I just ordered the photo stick mobile for android. It appears to be what I am looking for. I can’t wait to try it.

  19. Adele McKibben on

    Really enjoy my Xtra-PC. My computer is so much faster and has gotten rid of some issues I have had with the computer that I believed the only way to fix them was to see a tech to fix it. Thank you

  20. David Jackson on

    Thank you for the daily report! I just purchased Bondic UV glue. I’ve been wanting that for almost a year. I purchased a 1 Terabyte thumb drive last month through Amazon for around $30. It is USB V3.0 and is relatively fast for the cost. Thanks again for the Inbox report.

    • Greg Rollett on

      Awesome David! We love Bondic. One of our favorite innovations here at MDD.And thanks for the USB drive tip. Always love great and simple innovations like that! 🙂

  21. Billie L Miller on

    This is my first time ordering this sort of thing. I ordered tbe Tiki torch speaker for streaming music through Bluetooth. I recieved a Boombox 4 speaker for Christmas. I love it. Saw a Tiki one in a catalog at my mother’s house but they weren’t available then. I’m very excited to get one now. I ordered the pole to go with it. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to try it out!

    • Greg Rollett on

      Hi Billie! Thanks for sharing. What a perfect innovation for some summer fun. Let us know how you love TikiTunes!

  22. Janet Lanterman on

    I haven’t gotten my photo stick yet, but I’m excited to get it

    The last gadget I bought wasn’t from you but it’s called the laundry masher. I bought one for several people, we like it. Saves money on detergent.

  23. Gloria on

    Haven’t ordered yet just can’t decide but very interested thank you do much looking forward to further discoveries

  24. Muriel Meeks on

    Can’t wait to get the Chill Pill I have been taking sleeping pills and they don’t work on me anymore if this works I will be over the moon happy can’t wait

  25. Terri Foster on

    I just ordered the self cleaning water bottle and can’t wait to try to. I drink a lot of water and sometimes when I am out I need extra water and I have to buy some.

  26. Debra on

    I have not purchased any gadgets in the past year that I could honestly say improved my life. I just purchased AirPhysio and i hope and pray that it does what it’s advertised to do.

    • Greg Rollett on

      Thanks Debra! Excited for you to get AirPhysio in your hands. It is one of the most popular innovations we have featured in the Innovation Newsletter.

  27. Alex on

    Just ordered the Air Physio, hopefully it works as well as you says it does. I’ll leave a review once it arrives and I give it a proper testing.

    • Greg Rollett on

      Thanks Alex! You’ll love Air Physio, one of our most popular innovations we have featured in the newsletter.

  28. Barbara Woodcock on

    I just purchased the Peeps I have been wearing glasses since I was 16 years old now 73 tired of trying too keep clean seen the ad. For Peeps thought I will give them a try so awaiting for them. Thanks


    I didn’t buy this, it was given to me as a gift for my 75th birthday, but it is a gadget the lifts the tab on top of a can and then you continue to pull the tab up or off. It’s great for those with arthritis. Looking forward to my Photo Stick omni.

  30. Mary Pat Orourke on

    I have not purchased any new gadget in the past year. However I am waiting for my air Physio to come, and then I will be able to make a comment. Thank you very much I am excited to see all the new gadgets. Mary Pat

    • Greg Rollett on

      Thanks Mary Pat! Can’t wait for you to get your Air Physio. That is one of our most popular innovations that we have ever featured in the newsletter! 🙂


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