Unless you’re a surgeon, it doesn’t feel natural to wear face masks every day. Sure, most of us have gotten fairly used to it… but we certainly don’t want to do it forever!


Fortunately, Respiray is coming to the rescue with a new solution: a portable air purifier that fits comfortably around your neck.

How does it work?

Aptly named Wearable Air Purifier, this neck device uses UV-C light to disinfect the air you breathe. Air enters from the bottom of the device and then goes through an intake filter (click here to see a video).

The air then gets ventilated out the top towards the wearer’s face. Think of it like a bouncer at a lounge preventing the riff-raff from getting in and ruining an otherwise fun night. 

Is it effective?

The Wearable Air Purifier has been independently tested at both the University of Tartu in Estonia and the University of Lodz in Poland. It was found to be 99% effective at removing viruses and bacteria.

Is it worth it?

While it sort of resembles the neck collar you’d see a queen wearing in an old portrait, the biggest benefits of this device are that you’ll get to say goodbye to face masks and feel safe and protected.

Image source: Respiray.com


Wearing the air purifier will make breathing easier and let you have smoother, more expressive conversations with people where you can actually see their entire face. Respiray Co-Founder and COO Robert Arus says, “A person can breathe effortlessly and other people [can] see the facial expressions of the user.”

Learn more at https://respiray.com/

Header image source: Respiray

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