It’s only a matter of time until the Jetsons will look more like a documentary than a 1960s cartoon. Okay, maybe not…but a lot of the gadgets imagined in the show are becoming a reality. We may not have a Rosie, the talking robot-maid, but we do have Roombas and Smart Speakers like Google Home and Alexa.

No flying everyday commuters yet, but the part about the 6½-year-old Elroy Jetson knowing more about the latest gadgets his 40-year-old dad definitely seems true.

The point is, some ideas in futurology seem comically farfetched, but in reality, new technologies are appearing faster than ever. Check out this list that explores some fun concepts that may soon be a reality.

1. A Speaker Charging Pad

Tevol Charging Pad | The Future is Coming

Tevol Charging Pad Photo by Yanko Design

TEVOL’s Charging Pad Speaker not only allows you to listen to music over its Bluetooth speaker, but will allow you to charge your phone wirelessly at the same time. It’s sleek 360° design looks great on a desk or nightstand and it will be available in different colors to add to the fun. It also has an auxiliary port in case you want to DJ with a non-bluetooth device. It’d be a great addition to any room.

2. Functional Art

Drip Vacuum Cleaner | The Future Is Coming

Drip Vacuum Cleaner Photo by Yanko Design

This work of art is being developed by Drip. If you see it standing in the room, you’ll think it was a sophisticated modern sculpture, but it’s actually a handheld vacuum. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use, charge, and empty out.

Unlike other vacuums, you’ll want to leave this one on display instead of shoving it into the closet.

3. Stay in Your Lane

People change positions when they sleep. When you’re sleeping solo, it doesn’t really matter, but when you’re sleeping next to Mr. or Mrs. Bedhog, it can really keep you up. Instead of poking and pushing your bed companion to get them to roll over, Ford Motors is working on a “Lane-Keeping Bed” that uses something similar to the technology in their cars. Using sensors in the bed to notice a shift in weight on either side, and rotate to toss that space invader back to their side. This way everyone can get a great night’s sleep. Now you just to keep Astro the dog off the bed.

4. Control Your Coffee

Tap and Drop Coffee Machine | The Future Is Coming

Tap and Drop Coffee Machine Photo by Yanko Design

Tap and Drop is working on an incredible coffee machine for all you coffee lovers. The device would have an app that will let you make the perfect cup of joe from your phone. Features include setting the ratio of beans to water, the temperature, and selecting what type of brew you’d like.

It also helps track your caffeine intake…. so you don’t get too carried away and stay awake for a week straight.

5. A Gaming System of the Future

Flex | The Future Is Coming

Flex Photo by Behance

Here’s a treat for 90’s kids (and 90’s kids at heart). YJ Yoon has a vision for an updated look and feel to the Nintendo Flex, one of the most popular gaming systems ever. The system would look familiar but be lighter and sleeker with a larger curved screen. If this console is made, it’ll certainly be a hot item.

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