When you go shopping – either at home or the store – how do you decide on what to buy?

A lot of people look for the biggest discounts, fastest shipping or best reviews, however, we know there’s more to the equation than just price and quality.

It’s also important to understand who is actually behind the products you purchase – so you can support innovators, and avoid giving money to big corporations who (let’s face it) don’t really care about the average consumer.

In the past, it was difficult to know who your money really supported. But now, thanks to the internet, we have the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with the brands we love.

Now… when you show support for a brand you love, you get a good experience. And for most people, that’s enough.

However, a new app suggests that you should get even more rewards for being loyal. In fact… the founders say you should even become a part owner of the companies you support!

Introducing Bumped: A next-level loyalty rewards program

That’s the idea behind Bumped, a new app that wants to change the way we shop. The app offers you free stock for staying loyal to your favorite brands.

The idea is simple – when you continue purchasing from the same brands, you increase your value to them. Bumped simply allows those brands to pay you back for that loyalty by offering small fractions of stock for each purchase.

This means that the more loyal you are to a company, the more of an owner you become. Pretty cool, right?

How to use Bumped

Here’s how it works:

First, you sign up with the app and link your debit and credit cards. This does not interfere with your current loyalty rewards, so you can use Bumped along with other rewards programs.

Next, you choose your favorite brands from the app. They’re constantly updating the list, but the idea is that you should choose one brand from each category. That’s the key – otherwise, you aren’t really being loyal, are you?

Finally, you just shop as normal – but make sure you’re conscious to spend with brands you (technically) own to keep racking up the rewards.

Sounds great… but what’s the catch?

Honestly, we’re a bit skeptical too. It’s a great idea, but the platform hasn’t fully launched yet, so we’re not sure how it will work out.

The main catch is that you have to stay loyal to the brands you choose – but then again, that’s the point of the app. You’re trading your loyalty for rewards. If you’re already loyal to a brand, then there’s really no catch that we could find.

That said, registration is currently limited to invitations only, and only U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents of the US with a valid social security number who are 18 years of age or older are eligible.

The Bumped app is still in early development stages, but it’s an exciting sign of the new rewards consumer can expect to enjoy in the digital age.

There’s just one question left: can we get credit for our past loyalty? If so, we’re pretty sure we fully own La Croix now…

If you want to learn more about the story behind Bumped, here’s their founder talking about their mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5GSaIcrx7s

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  1. Mike on

    Maximum effective range of an excuse is always zero meters!
    We tried online ‘Home Depot” to order 200 pavers but in the process were required to enter email & password! “Lowes Home Improvement” allowed our order without such privacy invasion. Same price, easier process!


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