tag-someone-whose-phone-is-always-dying-follow-helloflux-co-they-have-the-worlds-thinnest-iphone-baiPhone Owners – let’s talk about battery life for a minute. It’s simple. They seem to die at the most inopportune time, right? Sure, you can carry around a charger or use a bulky charging case, but where’s the convenience there? Shouldn’t there be a simple solution? Well finally, there is with Flux.

Flux is an iPhone battery case made to provide simplicity, safety, and peace of mind. It’s only measured at 0.4cm so you won’t even know it’s on your phone! But they don’t sacrifice power for size – the Flux still provides over 30 hours of charging time to give you that boost you need over a period of time! Worried about overcharging the battery? No problem! Flux provides Smart & Safe charging to ensure your battery stays intact, and it’s included with an LED Battery indicator so you know when your case needs a charge itself!

Being an iPhone owner, I know how tough this problem is, and finally there seems to be a solution with Flux! We love how thin the charging case is without sacrificing the amount of power for charging. I personally don’t like phone cases, but something this thin is something that I love using! And now I don’t have to carry around my phone charger! So if you’re like me and looking to give your iPhone a extra boost, check out Flux now!