thimble-kickstarter2_zpsbrmk6wjxAre you looking for a unique new hobby? Or maybe you’re looking to develop a new skill in the tech and computer industry to benefit your career? But how and where do you even think about getting started? We recommend starting with Thimble.

Thimble is a monthly subscription service that helps you learn to code, build and hack with monthly do-it-yourself electronic kits that are delivered right to your door! It’s simple – you sign up for a monthly subscription, receive your box of parts, learn to code and assemble from Thimble’s learning app, and done! You’ve created an amazing device that you can marvel at! You can even customize it and make changes as you harness your skill. Thimble provides simple videos you can follow to help you step by step in building your device, and their community forum, chat and weekly project webinar to get the support you need!

This is a cool and simple way to get your foot in the door of a fun and new field! We love how much they help with your success and make it easy for you to learn and grow with their videos, chat and webinars. We also love that they provide opportunity for competition for those that are looking to grow their skills even further or just want to have some fun. So stop looking for that new hobby and check out Thimble!