maxresdefault-1Isn’t it annoying how so many different smartphones have different charging cables? You forget your charger and you need a quick charge only for your friend to say “Sorry, my charger won’t work with your phone”. How Ridiculous! But what if there was a charging cable that could work with any smartphone? Seems crazy no? Well, it now exists with X-Connect!

X-Connect is the world’s first cross-device magnetic cable! It includes magnetic tips that work for Apple and Android phones, so you’ll never have the problem of too many cables in the house ever again! And this magnet is STRONG. So strong, it can actually hold an iPad Air from the cable plugged in – so you know you’re getting strong, good quality magnets with this! And because it uses magnets, it instantly connects to your charging port with ease! No more loose plug ins or faulty wires – this guarantees you a strong connection into your phone and so strong, you can plug it in with just one hand!

What a cool device – especially for people in homes with different types of smartphones and tablets! I know how irritating it is to have so many cables lying around and how annoying they can be to connect, but I love the use of magnets in this product to make charging ANY phone simple! So if you’re sick of all the different charging cables like me, check out X-Connect now!