Do you remember those commercials for “The Clapper” back in the ‘80s and ‘90s?

“Clap on! Clap off!”


In case you missed it, The Clapper was this amazing device that allowed you to turn things on and off just by clapping. The commercials showed someone relaxing in bed with the lights on… then they’d clap three times and — like magic — the light would turn off!

I remember seeing it on TV and thinking it must be the coolest thing ever invented. I thought of all the things I would be able to turn on and off without having to get up — it was such a great concept!

But then I ordered one…

And I was SO disappointed.

Yes, my lamp turned off when I clapped.

But my lamp ALSO turned off whenever I said two words in a row… sneezed twice… coughed… heck, even walked by too loudly! After enduring a couple hours of strobe lights, I’d had enough and sent it back.

So I’m not surprised The Clapper disappeared. But it was still a great idea, right? It just wasn’t done correctly.

That’s why I was so excited when I recently discovered SwitchBot — a little device that attaches to other devices and allows you to control them from your smartphone.

It’s everything The Clapper wanted to be and more — but it uses a MUCH more reliable (and practical) method, and it can do a LOT more than you might think!

Meet SwitchBot: The “Mini Robot” That Presses Buttons For You (So You Don’t Have To Get Up)

SwitchBot - make any device a smart device

SwitchBot is a small device that attaches to buttons or switches on other devices, then allows you to press or flip them via your smartphone.

It’s easy to install — simply stick it onto another device using the 3M tape strip on the back. The 3M tape is strong enough to hold in place for years, yet it can still be removed and reused a few times without losing its grip.

Once the SwitchBot is in place, you can activate the device it’s attached to from anywhere in your home. It has two modes: One to press buttons, and one to flip switches.

Control any device in your house with your phone

When you activate it, the SwitchBot extends a little “robot arm” that physically presses the button or flips the switch. It’s not just convenient, it’s super cool to watch!

The SwitchBot uses an optimized low-voltage Bluetooth that gives it an incredible battery life of up to 2 years, yet still functions extremely well throughout the house. (No strobe lights here!)

It’s also universally compatible, meaning it works securely with all types of smartphones and smart watches. The user interface is very simple too, so you don’t need to be a tech wiz to use it.

There Are Endless Uses For SwitchBot… Your Imagination Is The Only Limitation!

When I first saw SwitchBot, I immediately thought about the fan in my office. I’m kind of nutty about getting the temperature and airflow juuuust right, so I tend to turn it off and on a lot throughout the day.

With SwitchBot, I don’t have to stop what I’m doing or get up from my chair. I just press a button on my phone and voila! My climate is under control again.

That said, there are TONS of uses. I’m sure you can think of a few… here are some of the most popular uses we found:

Of course, the most popular usage is to control light switches, which it’s perfect for…

SwitchBot controlling a light switch

But you can also use it to control your A/C or heating unit…

Use switchbot to control your AC unit

You can start brewing your morning coffee from your bed…

Brew coffee on demand with SwitchBot

You could put it on your intercom to remotely open your door…

lock and unlock doors with switchbot

Grab a SwitchBot and you’ll NEVER have to leave your car to open the garage door again…

open and close your garage door automatically with switchbot

You can even use multiple SwitchBots to transform virtually ANY device into a fully remote-controlled smart device!

make any device a smart device with switchbot

That’s just the beginning. Leave a comment below if you have an even better way to use SwitchBot!

What Makes SwitchBot So Great?

  • Universally Compatible: SwitchBot works well with just about any rocker switch and button on any appliance. It’s also compatible with all types of smartphones and smart watches.
  • Easy to install and set up: Tape it right next to a rocker switch or button with a 3M sticker in 5 seconds. No swapping or tools required!
  • Incredibly Long Battery Life: SwitchBot can last up to 600 days!
  • Even better with SwitchBot Hub: The optional SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini (which requires 2.4GHz Wi-Fi) allows you to control your SwitchBot remotely from anywhere and even enable voice control (with a level of accuracy The Clapper could only dream of). Works well with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and IFTTT.
  • Built-In Timers Let You Schedule Things Easily: Use the SwitchBot App to schedule built-in timers that turn lights or home appliances on or off automatically, even when you’re away.

What Are People Saying About SwitchBot?

“Every damn day, I pull up to my garage, get out, unlock the front gate, walk down a hall, open the garage door side entrance, press the button to open the garage, walk out garage, get in car, drive forward, get out, push button to close the garage… EVERY DAY…. Until now. You need this.” -Bishop Brawler

“This is literally exactly what I was looking for, but better! I wanted something that would automatically press the button to unlock the downstairs door from my phone (so that I wouldn’t have to sprint like a madman to the other end of the house to hit it) and this does the trick exactly. Not only can I buzz open the downstairs door from inside, but ALSO from outside, eliminating the need to mess with keys. This device is genius. Pure genius.” -Ryan

“Put it on our coffee maker and it works perfectly. The 3M sticky pad worked to be stuck and readjusted multiple times which was nice (didn’t know if it was a one and done type adhesice but seems like you can readjust and get multiple uses, plus it comes with a second. It uses low voltage Bluetooth which I was surprised I could easily connect to and use anywhere throughout our house (30-40 ft away).” -Kevin M.


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