E-bikes are becoming incredibly popular with commuters and recreational riders because of the assistance they provide as you move from point A to point B. The gist is that you can pedal an e-bike like a regular bicycle, but it also has motorized power you can use when you need it. This motor gets its power from a rechargeable battery mounted on the bike and makes it easier to get up hills, navigate city streets, and explore trails. 

The Vintage Electric Roadster takes the e-bike to an entirely new level, as it looks like a motorcycle and has some features you wouldn’t expect to find in an e-bike. This model is labeled as a super e-bike but comes in at a price point that could make it a challenging purchase to stomach. Here’s everything you should know about the Vintage Electric Roadster. 

The Vintage Electric Roadster is like an e-bike on steroids. Don’t let that scare you off, though, as it’s fun to ride and has some features that could come in handy. Here’s a closer look:

What Is a Super E-Bike?

A supercar is a vehicle that is probably over-provisioned in terms of features in an attempt to ensure the owner is never lacking anything. These cars are expensive, but they come with every feature imaginable, and a super e-bike is built using the same concept.

In short, a super e-bike is an electric bike with an abundance of features. The Vintage Electric Roadster has a built-in headlight, motorcycle handlebars, shock-absorbing front forks, and an optional rear rack that ensure you have everything you could ever want in a bike. It also has an incredible amount of power. It might be a bit much for some users, but if you take your bike riding seriously, this option is worth a look.

An Unmatched Appearance

The appearance of the Vintage Electric Roadster is the first thing you’ll notice. This bike looks exactly like a motorcycle from the 1920s, including a battery that mimics the aesthetic of a gas tank, and it’ll make you feel like you’ve gone back in time whenever you take it for a spin.

Everything from the seat to the tires to the handlebars gives the bike an antique appearance, and you’ll surely turn some heads every time you ride it. When you combine the appearance with the bike having more power than the average e-bike, you’ll see why it’s so much fun to own.

A Powerful Option

The Vintage Electric Roadster is heavy. It weighs about 86 pounds, so you won’t be carrying it to your apartment after returning home from work in the evening. However, the electric motor has 4,000 watts of power and delivers 750 watts with its regulator in place

This 750 watts of power is enough to take the bike up any hills you encounter without slowing too much, which is one of the reasons you’d purchase an e-bike in the first place. It’s also worth noting that the bike comes with an optional regulator replacement that gives you all 4,000 watts of the motor’s power. 

Remember that you can’t ride on city streets without the regulator, but this adjustment gives you a little more power when riding on private roads. Every state has electric bike laws that typically state the e-bike must stop providing assistance once you reach 20 miles per hour, and this bike doubles that without the regulator. 

This e-bike accelerates far more rapidly than a traditional e-bike, as well. While the manufacturer doesn’t provide a torque rating, the bike reaches top speed from a stop in a hurry, making you feel like you’re riding a motorcycle until the motor maxes out at 20 miles per hour.

What Else You Should Know

Riding the Vintage Electric Roadster is an experience like no other, and you’ll notice some clear differences between this product and any other e-bike you’ve ever encountered. Learning about these features can help you decide whether to purchase one.

First, the Vintage Electric Roadster has a regenerative braking system. This system gives the rear brake more give before the disk brakes kick in, and the motor will slow the bike at this time. The motor then recaptures the energy while slowing the bike, prolonging the battery life.

There are five levels of pedal assist, depending on how much help you need. This feature is activated using a thumb control, so you can turn the motor on by quickly flicking a switch during your ride

You might be wondering how much range the Vintage offers. It all depends on how you use the bike, but officially, you can expect between 40 and 70 miles of range. That number is higher than most e-bikes, but you won’t get that range if you accelerate quickly or spend significant time going up hills on your ride.

Charging the bike is a bit of a concern because the battery isn’t removable. Therefore, you’ll probably have to charge the bike outside while keeping it in a secure location. 

The Price

The most significant issue with the Vintage Electric Roadster is the price. Much like a supercar would break the bank for most people, this e-bike isn’t cheap and will set you back a little bit. 

The bike currently sells for $7,000 without any accessories. Extras like the rack, lock, and mirrors will add a few hundred dollars to the final price, so you’ll have to consider those expenses if you’re set on those options.

Buying a Vintage Electric Roadster

The Vintage Electric Roadster is like a cross between a bicycle and a motorbike, as the design takes the e-bike to an entirely new level. However, it also comes at a price point you might not find acceptable unless it becomes your primary method of travel.

Would you buy the Vintage Electric Roadster? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this post with the e-bike rider in your life.

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