What let the dogs out??

Many pet owners know the separation anxiety that pets can experience when left alone in the house for over a few hours…

And about 80% of dog owners feel guilty for leaving their dogs alone when they go out. Unfortunately, many places still have a no pets policy regardless of how much of a good boy/girl the dog is.

Finally, a portal to the backyard!

Image source: myQ Pet Portal


The myQ Pet Portal is here to change that – by giving the traditional doggy door an upgrade into the 21st century.

With the myQ Pet Portal system, users can allow their “fur babies” to go outside to do their business as they please, all while being monitored on a smartphone app that will keep track of your dog’s daily activities.

It also has a two-way camera that allows owners to watch a live video stream of their dogs and lets them communicate so pet parents are always in-the-know of what their pet is up to.

A new type of door…

The myQ Pet Portal has “elevator-style” doors that are paired with the dog’s collar. Once the dog approaches the doors, the sensor located on the door alerts the owner who will then have the option of manually letting the dog out, or they can set it on automatic so the dog can come and go as they please.

The system is designed to replace existing doors with professionally installed Kolbe doors. Kolbe Windows & Doors have been around for over 75 years and manufacture one-of-a-kind doors, while allowing people to choose the materials and color options that fit the home.

This high-tech doggy door is seamlessly integrated into the actual door and is virtually unnoticeable from the outside. This adds another level of privacy and security. 

And unlike traditional doggy doors, owners won’t have to worry about the cat escaping or having outdoor debris or critters come inside since it has safety lock sensors.

It’s a win-win for everyone.


The convenience factor combined with the secure aesthetic appeal has won the myQ Pet Portal the distinguished CES 2021 Best of Innovation Award within the Smart Home category.

“What sets the myQ Pet Portal apart from other dog doors on the market is the fact that it offers convenience, safety, and security all in one solution,” said Brittany McArdell, a professional dog trainer and owner of North Paws Canine Services.

For those tired of paying the dogwalker, the myQ Pet Portal is available for preorder at myQpetportal.com starting at $3,000.

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