Over the last decade or so, we’ve all heard a lot about self-driving cars – how they’re safer than people-powered autos; how they’re going to make daily commutes a lot more productive; how we’ll never again have to worry about parking, as our car can drop us off and then just drive around until we need it again. 

And, while perhaps all valid, it’s clear that driverless vehicles aren’t quite ready for primetime, as these super funny self-driving car fails prove. Let’s take a look!

Lazy cars: They’re just like us

It’s always embarrassing when a presentation goes wrong. Nick Sampson, former co-founder and senior VP of product strategy at Faraday Future, quickly discovered this when talking to shareholders about the company’s FF 91 vehicle. It’s supposed to have a driverless function that will park for you, but when the button was pressed to demonstrate this ability…nothing happened. Sampson blamed the failure on the car being “a little bit lazy,” and quickly moved on.

Pulled over for…going too slow?

It’s always funny when cops pull over a car only to discover that there’s nobody actually driving it, and that’s what happened when one of Google’s self-driving vehicles was stopped in California. Apparently, it was only traveling 24 mph in a 35-mph zone, which caused a bit of a traffic jam. No citation was given because the car wasn’t actually breaking any laws. And besides, who do you give the ticket to?


Evading arrest

In another instance of a car without a driver getting the attention of police, San Francisco officers pulled over an autonomous vehicle operated by a company named Cruise. While no reason was given for stopping the car, the interesting part is that the driverless car actually seemed like it was attempting to flee. Just for a moment, however. The company says that it was really looking for a safer place to park.


Who’s reading the map?

We’ve all gotten lost while driving and ended up in weird or unexpected places and had to make a quick U-turn. This doesn’t, however, seem like it should be a thing when you take human error out of the equation. But, that’s exactly what’s happened in a neighborhood in San Francisco, as many Waymo cars – up to 50 on some days, according to residents – end up going down a dead-end street.


A reaction you’d expect

It may not be long before all of us get a chance to test out a driverless car. When that day comes for you, how do you think you’d react? When you’ve always been the one controlling the car, relinquishing control to nobody can be downright terrifying. This is what a 70-year-old woman experienced when a Tesla took her for a spin.


What’s your opinion on driverless cars? 

Is a driverless car something you’d be interested in owning? If so, did any of these videos deter you from that dream or just make you laugh? Let us know in the comment section below and share this article with friends and family that need a good laugh!

2 comments on “5 Hilarious Self-Driving Car Fails That Prove We’re Not Ready For Robots To Drive…Yet

  1. Michael Lovering on

    Speaking as a retired computer programmer/analyst, before anyone considers getting into a driverless car I recommend they do research on the percentage of coding errors (bugs) contained in the all time best programs written by the absolute best programmers. Anyone who would trust a driverless car after receiving that information would have to be completely nuts. As to the poor souls who will be hit by these driverless cars I can only offer my sympathies.

  2. Darrell Tucker on

    I am a career mechanical engineer in the field of factory automation. I have seen the future succeed and fail. I have been amazed and terrified.
    Self driving cars?



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