Don’t look into the (blue) light…

With many people now working and/or attending school from home, it can be easy to go from staring at one screen to another without ever giving your eyes a break.

And, there’s been more talk recently about the harmful effects of blue light that’s emitted from our everyday devices. Studies have shown that staring too long at screens can cause eye irritation, harm your skin, and could potentially affect your vision in the long term.

So, give your eyes a break…

It’s said most people spend 10 or more hours staring at a screen. Now, the EyeJust Blue Blocking Screen Protectors can help negate the negative effects of too much phone or computer exposure.

Putting this simple protector on your device could help prevent issues like eye strain, eye damage, sleep disorders, and more.

These protectors have a dual-purpose function – they protect the smartphone from damage, but also filter out the blue light that is given off from the screen.

It’s backed by science…

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EyeJust was independently tested by Ophthalmologists at UC Irvine and is proven to block up to 50% of HEV blue light.

In the EyeJust product study, they found 92% of participants reported their eyes feeling less strained, and 71% stated that it helped them sleep better!

In addition, participants noted how using the EyeJust Screen Protector helped them wake up less throughout the night, spend less time trying to fall asleep, and feel more refreshed in the morning.

Durable and lasting design…

EyeJust iPhone screen protectors are designed with strong tempered glass plus blue light blocking technology. EyeJust iPad and MacBook screens are made from an impact-resistant film plus blue light blocking technology. Both the tempered glass and impact-resistant film protect devices from damage.

Not only that, it’s also scratch-proof, smudge-proof, blocks bacteria, and won’t change the color of your device screen.

Now you can scroll in peace knowing that your eyes can rest easy from the harmful effects of blue light.

The EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Laptop Screen protector is available for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Nintendo devices starting from $20.

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