Do you wish that you could get a massage every month…every week…maybe even every day? With a foam roller you can get the benefits of a massage, right from your home every single day.

And while traditional foam rollers have been shown to relieve muscle tightness, soreness and inflammation, Rollga has made the foam rolling process even more beneficial for your muscles, your aches and pains.

Rollga is a contoured foam roller designed to reach and target muscles more precisely and comfortably to get rid of those knots and the soreness so you can get back on your feet faster and live a little better every single day.

Even celebrities like Mark Wahlberg can be seen using the Rollga foam roller in his home gym.

What’s So Special About The Rollga Foam Roller?

  • IDEAL SHAPE – Contours fit your body to target muscles while avoiding bones and tendons.
  • IMPROVED RECOVERY – Simulate oxygen rich blood flow. Improve muscle mobility and flexibility.
  • DURABLE – Professional grade foam that can hold over 2000 lbs.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE – 18” length and ultra lightweight for easy travel.
  • AWARD WINNING – Runner’s World magazine editors choice.

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