Creating your very own reading nook gives you a comfortable spot to curl up with your favorite book or tablet, etc., and read without disruption. You can build your space however you want with nice lighting, smart blinds, comfy seating, and more. 

You’ll most likely want to design the nook with relaxation and ease in mind. Here’s a look at five innovations that will help you take your reading nook to the next level.

A modern reading nook with a view of the outside


For many, a reading nook is a special place that provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of life. It’s a spot where you can immerse yourself in a relaxing environment as you enjoy a book or simply sit in silence reflecting on your day. 

Consider these innovative ideas when designing your space. 

 Cool lighting

A light hangs over a reading nook


Investing in high-quality lighting can take your reading nook to the next level and there are plenty of available options. 

A pivoting floor lamp moves around the room with you. Some of these lamps extend a fair distance, so you can use them in multiple spots around your nook. 

Barn lights and recessed lighting are great out-of-the-way options that light up the whole space

No matter what fixture style you go with, smart LED light bulbs, which you can brighten, dim, and change color using a smartphone app, are an excellent, environmentally-friendly addition. 

If you find you’re still struggling to see the words on the page, even with the ideal lighting, EyeQue can help. Its patented, award-winning personal vision tracker lets you test your vision, update your prescription, and orders glasses online right from your home!

Smart blinds

Setting up your nook in an area with plenty of natural light is great for reading during the day, but you’ll need to control the amount of light getting in at certain times. 

Smart blinds allow you to easily lift and lower your blinds from anywhere in the house using an app or voice command on your phone. 

These blinds come in multiple styles, including roller, light filtering, and slat, and you can hardwire them into your electrical system. You can power the blinds using batteries, electrical cords, or solar energy

Comfortable seating

The seating arrangement in your reading nook is a top priority, of course.  

If you want to lounge in something innovative and unique, you can try making a hammock chair.  The job only requires a few tools and materials and is a great way to put a personal touch in your nook.

You can also create seating in your bay window with pillows, build a small loft to relax in seclusion, buy the perfect recliner, and more, depending on your taste.

Smart windows

If you want to go all out with your reading nook, upgrading the windows is an option. Smart windows allow you to control the amount of light getting through the glass at any point during the day, which is excellent if you prefer to read by natural light. 

Smart windows also have Wi-Fi capabilities and feature environmental sensors that can make adjustments based on the weather, sunlight, and room occupancy. 

These windows can control the temperature in the room, too, so they’ll let in less solar heat when the room is hot and more as the room cools down.

 Smart heated blankets

A woman reads in a reading nook with a blanket


On cold, rainy days, curling up in a blanket while reading is the best.  

Some heated smart blankets on the market allow you to control their temperature through a smartphone app, via voice command, or using a digital controller. The result is an automated experience where you and your blanket stay at the ideal temperature as you read.

Many of these blankets operate through Wi-Fi and feature a plush, cozy material that keeps you warm. 

Designing your custom reading nook 

When designing your reading nook, remember to inject your personality into it and create an environment that’s comfortable for you to relax in. 

Do you have a reading nook? Which innovations above interest you? Let us know in the comment section below and share this article with fellow bookworms!

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