What do gas pumps and toilet seats have in common? They are both loaded with disgusting germs that you don’t want touching your body!

Did you know that the average gas pump handle was found to be 6,428 times dirtier than public elevator buttons and 11,835 times dirtier than a public toilet seat?

I always knew they were dirty, I just didn’t know they had that many disgusting germs on them. And yet I still put my hands on them every time I need to refuel my car.

Now I never have to touch a dirty gas pump again thanks to Pump Pal.

Pump Pal is the new zero-waste, sustainable, and reusable solution for filthy gas pump handles. Even better, it’s always in my car thanks to the magnets that attach it to the inside of my gas tank. It’s time to wave good-bye to germs at the pump.

Pump Pal - No More Germs At The Gas Pump

What Makes Pump Pal So Great?


✔️ ZERO WASTE – Pump Pal is a reusable, sustainable and safe alternative to plastic gloves. Each Pump Pal can save up to 13,000 plastic gloves from being wasted. Single-use items need to be reduced. Every year we consume TRILLIONS of one-time use products which destroy our environment.

✔️ DURABLE MATERIAL – High-quality and innovative design made from BPA-free food grade, non-toxic silicone.

✔️ EASY TO USE – Pump Pal installs in just 5 seconds, your hands will thank you.

✔️ EASY TO CLEAN – Pump Pal is cleaned with ease by gently washing with water and soap!

✔️ LASTS A LIFETIME – Our eco-friendly glove will last forever. Designed from high quality, durable food grade silicone material that are made to last a lifetime!


What are Pump Pal customers saying about this new innovation?


“I was honestly skeptical and usually never give review but this thing is a genius concept. I originally bought mine from their site but now am constantly getting them for my family on amazon. I noticed they keep updating their design as these are even better than the one I bought months ago. Its great to know they keep updating it to make it better and I like avoiding those gross pumps.”
Giovanni Prieto, Amazon.com customer review


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