Diagnose Your Car’s Health Right On Your Smartphone!

With FIXD, you are no longer at the mechanic’s mercy wondering what repairs you really need, and which ones were added to your tab so he could rack up your bill.

And since your number 1 priority is to keep your family safe, and you couldn’t possibly live with yourself if something did happen because you didn’t fix what the mechanic recommended, FIXD gives you peace of mind in knowing you made the right choice on deciding what to repair.

Just set it up (takes just a few minutes) and then FIXD instantly diagnoses your car’s REAL problems for you by using the same technology used by your mechanic – without ever having to take it into the shop.

Imagine looking at your smartphone and INSTANTLY knowing

  1. Is there’s a problem with your car?
  2. How serious is it?
  3. Is it an emergency?
  4. What is this going to COST?!?!?!

EVERYTHING you need to know in simple, understandable terms, right on your smartphone.

And if there is a serious issue… you can strut into the auto repair shop and confidently tell the mechanic exactly what needs to be done and HOW MUCH YOU ARE GOING TO PAY for it! – so you never get stuck buying services you don’t need or spending too much!)

It’s no surprise that a device like FIXD has over 1,000,000 happy customers nationwide!