These are tough times for all of us and it’s more apparent than ever that we need innovative solutions that can help us stay safe, healthy and illness-free. This has caused a spike in demand for these solutions… and also a shortage in many areas.

Thankfully, we now have more innovative tools and techniques to fight sickness and keep us safer than ever before. While toilet paper and hand sanitizer may be running out, there are plenty of other creative ways to help us boost our immune system and stay healthy – that are just as effective and useful in times of crisis.

To help you and your family during this difficult time, we’ve searched the web for the most effective  products that are still in stock (at normal prices – we do not support price gouging). Some are good for prevention, others help you manage symptoms, and a few do both.

Before we get to the list, we would like to mention that these products were chosen because they’re great at protecting you from all sorts of illnesses and because they will last for years to come.

Please note that all of these items were in stock when we wrote this article, but many are running out and some items may be on backorder. We’ll do our best to keep this list updated with items that are currently available. If you have found items in stock that you think would help others, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add them.

1. Your phone is a magnet for bacteria and germs. Keep it super clean with ScreenKlean!

ScreenKlean Patented Carbon Molecular Cleaning Technology | A Cleaner Screen, A Healthier You

We recommend cleaning your phone before washing your hands.

Promising Review: “This item works great. Besides doing exactly what it is supposed to do, I love the fact that it has its own case so it can get tossed in a pocket or handbag. I’m going to get more so I have one in my handbag, my night stand and my car. EXCELLENT!” – Ms. Michie

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2. If you must make a trip, this Car Air Purifier can help protect from airborne bacteria… plus, it recharges your phone AND removes odors!

Every time you open the door or roll down your windows, you risk letting polluted air in… which then remains trapped in the cabin. This purifier takes care of that – and leaves your car smelling clean to boot!

Promising Review: “I love this little air purifier! I have horrible allergies and just from leaving my home and walking to my car I feel congested. This allows my commute to work to be relaxed. I also didn’t even know that it came with a usb with 3 different attachments which was also a plus.” – Tiffany

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3. Looking for ways to reduce aches and pains? This nanotech patch does it naturally… and since it lasts forever, you’ll never run out!

Forget stocking up on painkillers. Kailo could be all you need!

Promising Review: “I am no stranger to pain. At 17 I was hit head on by a drunk driver, changing my life. Lots of broken bones, severe injuries, metal in my body and years of pain. And now Fibromyalgia! All causing LOTS OF PAIN! So, when my daughter told me about this Kailo pain patch I was skeptical. Excited, but skeptical. A pain patch with NO MEDICINE, working off my bodies own electrical system with nanotechnology. ME = SKEPTICAL.

But then, I got to go try Kailo before buying it. Yipee! I walked in there hopeful to relieve some pain, but still in the back of my head thinking that I was going to have to be the one to tell these people it didn’t work. Honesty is always the best policy. * Guess what?!?! * IT WORKED!!!! I have found relief from my shoulder, neck, hand, arm, hip, and back pain so far. Not a cure, but relief. I can now wake up in the morning not feeling sore, stiff and in pain. It has helped my quality of life.” – Liza B.

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4. With EyeQue, you won’t need to worry about in-person optometrist visits – this highly accurate at-home eye test allows you to update your prescription from home!

Optometrists are recommending it, saying it gives excellent results while helping to reduce office overload.

Promising Review: “I was skeptical, but decided to try it since I needed a new eyeglasses prescription. Using it to test my eyes was really easy. I had a pair of bifocals made by using the numbers given by the EyeQue test results, and they perform well. I’ll still see an ophthalmologist every two years to make sure my eyes are healthy , but I think I can skip the optomerist visits. A++!” – Reuben Edgar

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5. All out of hand sanitizer? No worries – Copper is your answer! This “natural hand sanitizer” kills germs on contact… and it never runs out!

Bonus tip from users: if you want to keep it shiny, you can use KETCHUP to clean it. Yup! Just cover it in ketchup, wait 15 seconds, then rinse it off and it will be like new.

Promising Review: “I seems to work as I haven’t gotten any bacteria related illnesses yet ha! I like that it’s thin, and easy to carry around, doesn’t need to be replaced as with liquid hand sanitizer which I am obsessed with. I am also trying to limit my use of plastic, so this may eventually replace my purchases of hand sanitizer. At the end of the day, nothing beats soap and water, but this is good when on the go.” – LJ

Click HERE to get the Copper Hand Sanitizer!

6. Amazon is currently offering a huge discount on this air purifier – which is essential if you don’t have one already.

Promising Review: “This is honestly the best air purifier on the market. I’ve tried honeywell and Aprilaire purifiers in the past, but this one finally met my standards. I’m always one for quality over quantity, but in the case of this air purifier you can have both quality and quantity. They are very cost effective, and they suck up a lot of the contaminants in the air.

There are 2 reasons I bought an air filter. First, my room gets dusty really fast. The second reason is that California received so much rain that allergy season is 2-3 times worse than usual this year. The week before I bought this, I was swollen and tearing so badly I had a hard time going to work. After buying this and putting it in my room, I wake up with almost clear sinuses. As an added bonus, the dust in my room has been reduced by AT LEAST 50%! Sure, the filters are a little bit expensive, but HEPA filters in general are expensive. Even if it’s $50 a year, that’s a small price to pice to pay for the huge difference in air quality you will get with this machine.” – Ash

Click HERE to get the Winix Air Purifier!

7. What’s better than a powerful air purifier at home? How about a powerful air purifier… that you can bring with you anywhere!

Just press the button and it silently begins emitting more than 7 million negative ions per second – which quickly trap airborne viruses and bacteria.

Promising Review: “Easy to use and helps with viruses and allergies” – Charles T. Gardner

Click HERE to get the Air Purifier Necklace

8. What’s the safest way to get rid of germs, allergens and dust around the house? Make a robot do it! And that’s exactly what the iRobot Roomba is for…

Promising Review: “The iRobot 675 has changed my life. I’m a mom to 4 young children living in a 1880 square foot house on a large wooded lot. My kids are outside A LOT and track in all kinds of dirt, mud, leaves, grass, etc. My husband, while I love him, is also kind of a mess and has a bad habit of not wiping his shoes and bringing in a ton of sawdust from his projects. On top of all of that, add in the fact that children under 7 really don’t know how to eat properly and drop about seven thousand crumbs per meal per child. Our floors, wood, tile, and carpet, have been a disaster for years.

Enter the Roomba. I have been eyeing this little piece of wizardry for years and wondering if this could be the tool that could change my life. I swept and vacuumed (with a Dyson DC33) multiple times a day. I was constantly telling guests, “hey sorry about the floor but I think we’re just gross and I can never get on top of it”. Well, after finally biting the bullet I regret that I didn’t buy a Roomba years ago. I don’t have to apologize to guests and I can finally walk barefoot in my house without having 100 tiny crumbs attaching to the bottom of my feet. I love this thing more than I have ever loved any appliance or cleaning tool I have every owned.” – DF

Click HERE to get the iRobot Roomba!

9. Running out of aspirin for your headaches? Why not try something natural… that lasts forever?

Aculief uses ancient acupressure techniques to relieve headaches FAST – and it doesn’t need to be replaced!

Promising Review: “I have suffered from migraines for many years – every day I get at least a headache or migraine. I have prescribed medication that takes the edge off most days, but never fully. I literally laughed out loud when I heard what Aculief’s intent was and thought it was bogus. However, I was up for anything! Just 30 seconds into using this product I became a lifer. I use Aculief anytime I am getting head pain and it will relieve the pain – sometimes if the pain was already dull enough, taking it away completely – if you have read until this point, I haven’t felt that in years. This product is 5 stars+, thank you!” – Samantha Merill-Hicks

Click HERE to get Aculief!

10. These Latex-Free Disposable Gloves are ideal for preventing contact with bacteria and viruses.

Promising Review: “These gloves were shipped really fast and they are of superior quality! I have used approximately 3/4 of the box so far and none of them have been damaged in any way. I’ve had other companies gloves come out of the box either really thin, ripped, or even torn sometimes but not these! I use them primarily for various woodworking tasks and they hold up really well to the handling of a variety of chemicals, glues, and adhesives. I would highly recommend these gloves, especially for the price, you can’t beat it!” – James

Click HERE to get the AMMEX Medical Gloves!

11. Sadly, babies are not well-informed about germs. But luckily, they don’t have to be… if you have this UV sanitizer for pacifiers, baby bottles and more!

Promising Review: “When you have a little one, picking up a pacifier off the dirty ground and wondering if you can put it back in your babys mouth is an every day occurrence. WEll, this is a great solution for you. Its take about 4 minutes to sanitize your little ones pacifier and feel much better about pupping it back in their mouth after its encountered some not so clean areas. The price is good for this item and you will use it a lot!” – Amanda Lin Andino

Click HERE to get the UV Wand!

12. A healthy immune system is the #1 way to keep your body protected – and Elderberry is an excellent source of immune support!

We chose this one because it isn’t just Elderberry (a powerful antioxidant, by the way)… it’s also full of other immune essentials, such as Vitamin C and Zinc!

Promising Review: “We love that elderberry is a huge immune booster! One the greatest benefits we’ve received in the past few weeks has been with allergy relief! This has been an exceptionally tough season and since adding elderberry to my regime, I’ve stopped allergy medications! THIS IS A HUGE BENEFIT! We also love that it’s great for digestive health, and a powerful anti-inflammatory! Also love that it comes in a capsule form and is easy to swallow!!” – Laura A.

Click HERE to get the Sambucus Elderberry Immune Support Capsules!

13. Every household should have a First Aid Kit in case of emergencies… and this one includes all the essentials.

NOTE: If you have specific medical needs, you may want to add additional items to this first aid kit to make sure you’re completely covered. This is a general kit, so it’s got a bit of everything for common issues like scrapes, burns, etc.

Promising Review: “I have bought four of these, and given two away. I don’t play the “numbers game” of giving big praise for 150 inexpensive band-aids; but this has a number of other features, like single-serve OTC medicines and salves, which are ideal. The pouch is STURDY and capacious. I add a few gauze rolls, a couple of neosporin type antibiotics bought from the dollar store, a few other things I want, and, voila, I’ve got a meaningful first aid kit. When I remove some of the cheap band-aids, there’s space for much more in the pouch.

Gift recipients really, really like the idea of having a home-car-travel bag kit which can deal with all the “little emergencies” of life. Surprisingly, many of my friends have a box of band aids in their bathroom cabinet and that’s all. “Don’t be like them”” – Amazon Customer

Click HERE to get the Survival First Aid Kit!

14. This Survival Straw turns any water source into clean, drinkable water.

Yes, you can use it to drink from the toilet. But should you?

Promising Review: “I bought my first lifestraw water bottle about 4 years ago and it is still going strong. I have used it in a variety of locations including Cuba and the Zambezi river and it has worked flawlessly. The charcoal filter really does help with the taste when the water source isn’t ideal. It’s also great peace of mind knowing that you have the ability to filter a large amount of water in any given situation, including emergencies. I decided to get another one just for traveling. Since my last purchase, it seems like they have actually improved the mouth nozzle so that it is even tighter in its socket. This makes it easier to drink without getting air bubbles mixed in, which was my only minor complaint about the older one over time. If you are an avid outdoors person, this is definitely a must have. Also great for traveling in general. I never leave home without it!” – Karl Hungus

Click HERE to get the Life Straw!

15. This Digital Thermometer allows you to take temperatures without coming in close contact (works with adults, babies and even pets!)

Promising Review: “This has really come in handy with a kid that doesn’t like sitting still to have their temp taken. Just a quick point at her forehead and it’s done. It seems accurate to me. I also really like that it stores the last couple temperature readings so I track what is happening with her fever.” – Harvey Ling

Click HERE to get the No-Touch Digital Thermometer!

16. This disaster relief “Go Bag” is perfect for at-home use or in case of an evacuation.

Just having one in the house gives you peace of mind.

Promising Review: “I bought this emergency kit for my daughter who is headed off to college in another state. I have to say that I am impressed. First, it is a very small backpack but has all the basics plus a little room. I love how small and compact it is, plus it has enough supplies for both her and her roommate. I will supplement it with identification, some money, a pocket knife, waterproof pen and paper, leather gloves, water purification tablets, and probably a few other small items. I am an emergency management volunteer and do search and rescue and feel this is a great little beginning emergency kit for my college bound daughter.” – Cook’in Mama

Click HERE to get the Rescue Guard Emergency Bug Out Bag!

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