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The 5 Second Summary

  • Wine-Matching Shortcut = Genius!
  • Commercials normally suck, but sometimes they’re amazing. Have you seen this?
  • Walnuts aren’t just for snacking
  • Space-age eyeglass cleaner – Does it really work?
  • Holiday gift ideas are HERE!

Today’s Innovation

Bored MIT Grads Invent A Shortcut To Picking The Perfect Wine – Umm… Yes Please!

Does the wine aisle in the supermarket ever make you feel like this?

Don’t feel bad – some of MIT’s brightest minds couldn’t figure out how to pick a decent bottle of vino either.

Unlike us, when they got tired of spending $$$ on fancy-sounding wines that tasted like $#!@, they invented something to help.

It’s called Bright Cellars – a wine-matching algorithm they’re now sharing with the world.

Think of it as a personality quiz, but for wine. Rather than confuse you with questions about “full or medium body” (which might as well be Latin to most of us), they ask things like “How do you take your coffee?”, or “What kind of chocolate do you like?”.

Pretty cool right?

The best part about Bright Cellars is that they handpick up to 6 bottles for you each month from vineyards all over the world and send them DIRECTLY to your doorstep based on your taste.

No more wandering up and down the wine aisle playing eenie meenie miney mo…

Imagine – having a wine rack full of great-tasting, sophisticated-sounding wines you actually know something about. You might actually fool your dinner guests into thinking you’re a master sommelier…

Seriously….we can’t wait to get our drink on with this. If you think this sounds like your cup of tea (er, um, glass of wine), check it out here.

Sip responsibly

Videos That Make Us

Ever see something so funny, you just have to share it? You’ll definitely want to forward this chuckle-worthy commercial to a friend:

“This ain’t no bubble bath…”

“That awkward moment when the commercial is better than the show you were watching.” Tammy C. Seattle, WA

Life Hacks (That Really Work)

Today’s life hacks are dedicated to easy cleaning & repairs – with everyday items you already have around the house! Because who couldn’t use more free time?

Water Spots Hate Lemon Halves
Water Spots Hate Lemon Halves

Cut a lemon in half, squeeze out the juice, then use the rind to remove messy water spots naturally. No chemicals or gloves required!

It’s like they always say – when life gives you lemons, clean the bathroom! Or something like that…

Walnuts Aren’t Just For Snacking

Scuffed wood furniture or floors? Try rubbing a walnut on it. No joke. A great source of fiber AND a wood doctor. We like.

Toothpaste Gets More Than Just Your Teeth Clean

Use a clean rag to apply it on car headlights – you’ll be amazed by how fast cloudy, hazy areas turn crystal clear!

Have a life hack that really works? Share it for a chance to have it featured on our next Innovation Newsletter:

Real Reviews (From YOU!)

Homemade reviews from everyday people trying out the world’s coolest (or most curious) inventions.

Over 1.5 MILLION Peeps Sold – But Do They Really Work?

Jessica B, from St. Louis, MO Shares Her Honest Review

Tired of dirty, smudgy, scratched up glasses?

Peeps uses NASA’s advanced carbon molecular technology to completely remove particles, fingerprints and more from your glasses… in just seconds. The question is – does it really work? Watch the video above to see Jessica’s B.’s review.

 What Should I Get Them?

With the season of gifting just around the corner, here’s a little something for everyone.

For The One Who Always Loses Things

With XY Find It, you couldn’t lose something if you tried. This coin-sized item finder easily attaches to any item – your keys, your wallet, a purse, your car, or even your dog – and the free XY Find It app will find it in seconds!

Best Part? There’s no monthly-subscription and no hidden fees – just pure never-lose-my-stuff-again awesomeness.

For The One Who Takes All The Family Photos

Meet ThePhotoStick: a simple-looking thumb-drive with superpowers.

ThePhotoStick saves up to 60,000 photos and videos AND removes all duplicates from your computer with just the click of a button.

You’ll never have to worry about losing your memories – old or new – to a computer glitch again.

For The One Who Can’t Fall Asleep or Stay Asleep

Created by insomniacs, Dodow doesn’t just help you fall asleep once: It actually retrains your brain to fall asleep on its own — and with ZERO side effects.

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Better sleep = world peace (kinda). I’m sure everyone would be a lot less grouchier if we all slept a little better.

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