As someone who loves nothing more than spending my summers on the beach, I know just how hot it can get in a short period of time. Even worse is when I go to check my phone to look for any missed calls from the kids, my phone has shut off due to the extreme heat.

The same thing happened in the snow. I went to go look at my phone and it powered down.

Not ideal for a father with 3 kids who might need him at a moment’s notice. What I didn’t know is that this heat and temperature damage can cause permanent battery damage.

Everything changed when I was watching Shark Tank one night and saw a really cool innovation called Phoozy.

Phoozy is a weatherproof phone case that provides complete protection against the sun and cold, that uses the same technology NASA uses in their spacesuits. That’s what I call protection. 

What Makes Phoozy So Great?

  • LARGE COMPATIBILITY: Interior Dimensions 6.5″ x 0.40″ x 3.6″ / made for iPhone 8+/XR/XSMax/11/11ProMax/12ProMax/13Pro/13ProMax, Galaxy S8+/S9+/S10+/S20+/S21+/S20Ultra/ZFold/A21/A71, Note 10/20, Pixel 3XL/4XL and most large phones. * Bulky Otterbox cases may require the Large size.
  • WHAT IT DOES: AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK – Allows your phone to maintain an optimal operating temperature for a longer period of time in both hot and cold conditions while providing military-grade drop and float protection. NOT designed to be left in a hot car for long periods – if you must leave it in your car, power off your device first before storing it in the PHOOZY
  • HOW IT WORKS: The patented Chromium Thermal Barrier, derived from NASA spacesuit technology, reflects more than 90% of the heat of the sun to help prevent your device from overheating while the inner layers insulate your device to extend battery life up to 4X (compared to not using a PHOOZY)
  • SINKPROOF: Don’t worry about losing your expensive device to the bottom of the ocean or lake again with integrated SinkProof technology, it’s the lifejacket for your phone. The UltraShield Ripstop Skin with UV and Hydrophobic Coatings are no match for dirt, rain, spills, splashes or snow
  • CONNECTIVITY: Does not interfere with cellular, WiFi, or Bluetooth signals so you can stay connected and protected. Compatible with your smartwatch, AirPods, and other accessories

What Are Phoozy Customers Saying About This New Innovation?

“I purchased the Apollo 2 for my phone that I have to keep in the car while at work for 8 hrs, Chicago winters. So far it has held a reasonable charge in thus far -4 degrees. I don’t expect it to be completely full, but it has burned roughly down 30% to 40% from a full charge vs. completely dead at the end of a shift with no insulation.”

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