What Makes Your Dog Unique? Find Out With Dognition!Have you ever wondered what your dog’s thinking? What’s going on in his head? Why he does some of the crazy things he does or figures things out as fast as he does? If you’re looking for a fun and more interesting way to connect with your 4-legged friend, you’re gonna love this discovery!

It’s called Dognition and it gives you a peek into the things that make your dog, well, your dog.  Things like your dog’s thinking, learning and problem-solving abilities that help shape and create your dog’s behavior.  Dognition is a collection of science-based games that assess the 5 core dimensions of your dog’s cognition – Empathy, Communication, Cunning, Memory and Reasoning. Through gaining a better understanding of what’s going on in Fido’s head, you’ll be able to build a connection with your best friend.

Your dog is more than a tail wag and bark, and this is an incredibly innovative way to find out more about your furry friend. Dognition is the latest and greatest way to spend ‘Quality’ time with your furry friend! If you want to connect with your dog on a deeper and more ‘personal’ level, we recommend you check out Dognition today!