barkwise-ultra-sophieDog owners – does your dog constantly bark? Does any little thing set him off? Something as simple as a car passing by, someone knocking on the door, or who knows what! You’ve tried training but that hasn’t worked and you’ve thought of trying a shock collar, but that just seems cruel. So what if there was a simple and humane way to train your dog not to bark? Now there is with BarkWise!

BarkWise is the first pet collar to combine ultrasonic sound and vibration technology in a small, compact device to help train your dog not to bark! It’s simple: you place the device on your pet’s collar and the device activates when they bark. Immediately, the device creates a high-pitched that your dog will hear but you won’t and a series of vibrations! Through this process, your dog learns not to bark in a safe and painless way! But it does so much more than bark training – the device includes a remote that allows you to control the collar, so you can also use it for training other commands, tricks and more!

Finally, a safe way to help train your dog! We love the added remote they provide that allows you to use it for so much more than bark training! So if you’re looking for a way to stop your dog’s annoying barking in a humane way, check out BarkWise now!