playdate-05Pet owners – do you have a hard time leaving your pets when you go to work or on vacation. Or maybe you’re just worried about the damage they may cause while you’re gone! Either way, it’s tough to leave your pets alone, but what if there was a way to check up on them? Sure there’s pet cameras out there, but those only work in one room. What if there was a device that could move with your pet? Now there is with PlayDate!

PlayDate is the world’s first truly interactive pet camera that lets you check in and even play with your pet via the small ball shaped device and mobile app! It allows you to check both on your pet and the surrounding area, so you can make sure everything is ok and even play with you pet! Worried about durability? Don’t sweat it – it’s built out of thick, shatterproof polycarbonate (similar to what treat dispensers for dogs are made of) so you know it will last!

This is such a unique product compared to other pet cameras on the market. We love how much fun it is to play with your pet through the mobile app and even the feature of taking photos and videos through the camera so you can capture memorable moments even when you’re not there! So if you’re like us pet owners and hate leaving your pets alone, check out PlayDate now!