There’s a good chance you talk to your dog and, at least to a certain extent, your pet understands what you’re saying. The average dog can learn and understand about 165 words, while that number grows to 250 words for more intelligent breeds. That’s why your dog can understand basic instructions and the words you use to get a reaction.

Of course, the issue is that your dog can’t talk back to you, leaving you to decode its barks, whines, and other vocalizations to understand what it wants. Humans usually do a pretty good job of interpreting these sounds, but it can be frustrating when you can’t figure it out. A new product developed in South Korea could make these conversations easier. Here’s a look at the bark-translating dog collar now on the market.

If you ever struggle to understand what your dog wants, this new product could be the answer. A device that decodes dog-speak can be incredibly valuable to pet owners. Here’s what you should know about it:

What is this product?

It might sound like science fiction, but giving your dog a voice is possible. In short, a South Korean company called Petpuls has developed an AI-powered dog collar that analyzes your pet’s emotional state and physical well-being to inform you of what the dog wants at any given moment. 

The collar uses voice recognition technology and a proprietary algorithm to compare the sounds your dog is making against a database with over 10,000 bark samples from 50 dog breeds. The collar then uses its findings to detect your dog’s emotional state from five options: sad, angry, anxious, relaxed, or happy

You can use the information your collar provides to improve the pet’s mood. Removing the dog from a situation where it’s anxious or getting young children away from an angry dog can make your life easier as a dog owner. 

You can also see what makes your dog happy and provide it with those things more readily. A happy bark after receiving a particular toy or meal will let you know how to cheer your pet up when it’s feeling down.

Petpuls doesn’t stop there, though, as it also gathers data from your dog over its life. It can detect what triggers responses from your dog, helping you better understand its emotions. 

How to use it

Using Petpuls is relatively easy, as all you do is attach it to the dog like a regular collar. The product is battery-powered, and each charge lasts eight to ten hours. You’ll want to charge the device overnight for the best results.

The product is accompanied by an app that works on iOS and Android devices. This app displays your dog’s emotional state and monitors its physical activity like an accelerometer.

Does it work?

According to Seoul National University, which researched the product before it hit the market, Petpuls has an accuracy rating of over 80%. The result is a highly authentic reading of how your dog is feeling.

From there, you can make the necessary adjustments to your dog’s schedule to make it happier or remove items that could make it anxious. Over time, you’ll associate triggers with sadness or anxiousness, enabling you to become a better pet owner.

Other Petpuls Information

Petpuls come in pink, green, turquoise, blue, and orange and large and small sizes. It fits much like a traditional collar, and it won’t bother your dog at all.

The one drawback is that you won’t hear an actual voice despite being labeled as a product that gives your dog a voice. We might have to wait for the next round of AI development to create a product that actually lets a dog talk, but Petpuls is the next best thing for the time being.

The AI dog collar

Despite its shortcomings, Petpuls provides a valuable service by giving insight into why a dog is making a particular noise. The result could be a more harmonious environment when living with a pet.

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