Power to the locals!

Many people often promote local businesses… but few talk about locals that actually give power to those businesses.

Now, clothing company Patagonia has launched a new campaign in Europe – We the Power – to bring awareness to its citizens about the benefits of community-owned renewable energy.

Working together


Now, Patagonia doesn’t expect people to generate power for their whole towns. But they are thinking of creative strategies to help people actively join and invest in creating community energy.

They hope to bring positive social and economic changes within these local communities.

The We the Power project is showing people how community-based energy projects are a possibility in their new 30-minute documentary. It features discussions from community energy pioneers and cooperatives on how it can be a sustainable method of living.

Currently, a million Europeans are participating in the community energy movement. It’s estimated that by 2050, over 260 million citizens will be helping generate about 45% of the European Union’s electricity by using this system.

Building up energy


Patagonia is promoting what’s called a Community Energy system. It’s when groups of people produce their own sustainable renewable power that can be shared amongst everyone in the group.

This system helps spread ownership of power for more people – ultimately creating more businesses, jobs, and energy. It would help boost local economies and take away complete dependency on big energy companies.

Beth Thoren, Environmental Action and Initiatives Director at Patagonia stated, “Community energy is a win-win situation, whereby local, renewable energy production puts money directly into local communities and speeds up the creation of a cleaner, healthier future for our children.”

Powering the future

By creating and sharing these types of ideas, people could take a more significant part in the fight against the effects of climate change.

The current rate of fossil fuel production, and the monopolies that control them, aren’t viable if humans want to significantly limit their impact on the planet. So, it’s important to move away from these systems if humans hope to avoid a climate crisis.

Once more people are aware of this campaign, it could one day help reduce energy consumption while promoting local businesses, reduced energy costs, and create a stronger social bond for people.

What do you think about this campaign? Could it be sustainable long term, or will big businesses try to prevent it?

Let us know what you think down below!

Header image source: Patagonia

3 comments on “Patagonia Aims to Restore Power To The People With Community-Owned Energy

  1. Charles C Gibson on

    You need to have battery backup to store energy so you can avoid using power off the grid. It cost to have the power backup but you can with enough solar power you can store off grid powe

  2. P Miller on

    Great idea! Good luck pulling it off without the big energy companies interfering to the best of their abilities! When I got my solar panels, I had the vision of having storage batteries as backup for when I lost power. Only problem was, my power company won’t allow people to be off-grid! What good are solar panels, etc., if they can’t be used when the power goes out!! They won’t support anything that takes a penny out of their pockets!!


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