What do you get when 3 of the world’s largest beverage companies in the world work together?

In this case, you get a completely new approach to packaging – one that’s sustainable, new, and even a bit quirky.

That’s right – Diageo, PepsiCo and Unilever have all joined together to develop a new type of “bottle”: the recyclable paper bottle. The packaging itself was designed by Pulpex Limited, a leading brand for sustainable packaging solutions.

This innovation is the result of a new initiative between the 3 companies. Their goal is to reduce packaging waste by more than 100,000 tonnes (that’s 220 million pounds!) over the next five years.

Why is paper better?

Image source: Pulpex.com


The main reason to switch to this packaging is that it’s 100% recyclable. Even glass packaging can’t be fully recycled – and many bottles include plastic, metals and other materials that aren’t as sustainable.

These new “bottles” (it feels weird to call them that) are made from food-grade paper pulp and use a resin lining. Every part of them can be completely re-used, making them an important stepping stone in the journey to reducing global waste.

So, does it leak?!

Image source: Blokboek.com


Of course not! While it’s certainly strange to imagine drinking from a paper bag, these packages will be a bit different.

Each “bottle” is made with a thin layer of resin that disintegrates when the container is empty. Finally, the cap is made from aluminum, which can easily be recycled as well.

The first of these “bottles” will roll out in 2021 – and they’ll contain Johnny Walker, a brand known for innovation over its 200-year history.


So, what do you say? Will you miss the classic popping of the cork (and that classic clink when taking the bottle from the shelf)? Or are you all-in for anything that makes our world more sustainable? Let us know in the comments below!

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