Large breasts. A blessing and a curse wrapped in one (or should we say two). Yeah, they grab attention (itself another blessing and a curse!), but what happens when you want to work out? You may end up knocking yourself out with bouncing breasts.

And, let’s be honest… sports bras are good for some, but many women are at a bust size where sports bras don’t really do much. You still jiggle and you may not even like going out to jog because it’s like your chest is doing its own juggling act (not to mention all those gawkers out there).

So, what’s a girl to do? Find a Boobuddy! The Boobuddy features a clever strap that reduces your breast bounce down to zero, helping you avoid many of these problems and making workouts much easier.

Here’s how it works: The Boobuddy is designed to fit over the top of your bust. Essentially, it pushes down on your breasts, preventing your bust from bouncing. This way, you can run comfortably without feeling the pressure of your breasts and without feeling self-conscious. It’s super subtle and yet incredibly effective.

Boobuddy DIagram | Now You Can Keep “The Girls” In Check While You Work Out

Boobuddy Photo by Boobuddy

If you’re a lady with larger breasts, you also know the pain often hits your wallet as well as your chest. Stacking two and three sports bras in a vain effort to keep your breasts in check is frustrating and uncomfortable. With the Boobuddy, that will never be a problem again. So stop worrying and start rocking your workout like never before with the Boobuddy!

After just one try, you’ll wonder why nobody came up with the idea before. It’s just that perfect, and with a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose — and a whole new level of comfort in your workout to gain!

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