When you think manicures and pedicures, you picture the nail salon: Walls lined with every color imaginable, your favorite stylist giving you the nails of your dream, and probably a couple of ladies settled into a foot bath comparing how often their kids call them.

But you probably also picture money leaving your bank account. Twenty dollars here…thirty dollars there. Those nails start to add up. Not to mention the time spent sitting, waiting for your appointment to begin and then waiting for the nails to dry.

Nail salon, manicure and pedicure | No Fuss Nails

Nail salon, manicure and pedicure chairs Photo by Wonderlane/flickr

There’s got to be a better way to maintain the perfect manicure without all the hassle. Luckily, a company finally decided to do something about it.

imPRESS has created a new technology for press-on nails that can give you a nail salon-inspired manicure without breaking the bank or spending hours at the salon. Packs of 24 nails start as low as about six bucks, and there are more colors to choose from than you thought existed in the spectrum.

The process remains the same: pick your color and size, prep your nails with the easy prep pads provided, and then start peeling and pressing.

Tip: Do your thumb last. If you do it first, it may get in the way of the process.

Peel off clear backingn of imPress Press-on Manicure | No Fuss Nails

Peel off clear backing of imPress Press-On Manicure Photo by imPress

Let the nails rest for one hour before finalizing by filing the nails to your ideal length and preferred shape.

Once you’re done, you’ll feel like you’ve just left the salon without breaking the bank.

Also, when it comes time to remove the nails, it’s just as easy as putting them on. Gently peel each side off the nail until it comes loose.

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