“Grandpa, can you please turn your medicine down?”

“No! My doc says I have to rock out!!”

Yes – according to Muru Music Health, “music as medicine” could soon become a reality.

The theory is that music could be a powerful tool to help battle forms of cognitive decline – such as dementia.

The potential benefits of “music therapy” have been explored for years – but now, thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, we’re about to take a huge leap forward.

It’s all thanks to Muru Music Health’s new platform, AI Music Brain. The creators of the platform claim that it analyzes music the same way our brain does – allowing for unprecedented levels of personalization.

Image source: Muru Music


In other words, it can “learn” your favorite type of music – and then cue it up for you. Cool, right?

So, how does it work?

The platform generates its unique suggestions using a mix of human-guided AI and user feedback.

Behind the scenes, their advanced algorithms are analyzing what they call the “VibeDNA” of each song. This is essentially a unique “pattern” present in every song.

You just have to listen to songs, then tell the platform whether or not you like them. Then the platform will create playlists based on your (subconscious) preferences.


It’s a different approach from most streaming platforms, which use aggregated data from all their users to give general suggestions. Unlike those platforms, the suggestions you get from AI Music Brain will be completely unique to you.

And that’s where the potential medical benefit comes into play…

How does it help with dementia?

When someone has dementia, certain areas of their brain stop working as effectively. According to the creators, AI Music Brain helps to stimulate those areas of the brain.

“Neurologists, data scientists, and researchers have long known that if you listen to a particular song that you know from the past, it can trigger your memory and emotions at the same time,” said Nicc Johnson, founder of Muru Music Health.

Patients using the platform get access to a huge library of songs – most of which came out before the 1980s. By listening to songs that trigger memories, patients can activate areas of the brain that are otherwise difficult to reach.

The platform is scheduled to launch in September 2020, with beta testing currently underway. Assuming the test is successful, Muru Music Health plans to expand their offerings to assist with other areas of mental health.

Learn more at https://www.murumusic.com/

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