If you own cats, you know how special these furry little creatures are. Cute, cuddly, playful, obedient. Well, maybe not that last one so much…

Perhaps the only downside with cats is the whole litter box situation. All cat owners know how annoying and downright nasty it can be to change them. Well, thanks to Smarty Pear’s Leo’s Loo Too, you’ll never have to scoop again!

The smart self-cleaning litter box

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Litter boxes that clean themselves aren’t new, as they’ve been on the market for quite a while now. But Leo’s Loo Too stands out from the pack for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s bigger but compact; it measures 24 x 22 x 27.6 inches. This means that if you have a cat that’s a larger breed (or perhaps you’ve just got a tubby feline), he or she will have no problem getting in there. 

Leo’s Loo Too is whisper-quiet. A lot of cats get easily spooked by noisy litter boxes, especially when they start working when they’re still in there. At 30 decibels, Leo’s Loo Too hardly makes any noise at all.

It’s designed not to begin the cleaning process if a cat is detected, and it knows a cat is in there because of its radar system and four weight sensors. 

There is also an anti-pinch sensor on the top of the waste drawer to prevent any mishaps with a tail. 

As stylish as it is functional

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Another thing that you’ll immediately notice about Leo’s Loo Too is that it’s actually pretty cool-looking. You probably wouldn’t think that a litter box could be stylish, but this one will prove you wrong. 

In addition to its modern, futuristic design, it comes in a variety of colors, including green, gray, blue, and pink. This means that you can put it pretty much anywhere in your home without it being an eyesore.

You also won’t have to worry about the smell. In addition to sifting the waste into a drawer, Leo’s Loo Too contains a sterilization system that utilizes UV rays to disinfect that drawer. This eliminates odor while at the same time removing 99% of bacteria and parasites. Your cat will appreciate the air quality in the box, and you’ll appreciate how it’s keeping him or her healthy.

The pièce de résistance

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Leo’s Loo Too sounds pretty great so far, right? Well, you’ve only heard the half of it. You can actually connect this litter box to your smartphone. 

All you have to do is download the Smarty Pear App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and you’ll have control over it whether you’re in another room or another country. This gives you full access to system settings, along with activity reports. 

If you’re concerned about your cat’s health, the app will show you exactly how often they’re visiting the litter box, their weight, and other important metrics to keep an eye on. 

So, what about waste removal? Leo’s Loo Too makes this as easy and efficient as possible. You’ll never have to check the box to see if the drawer needs to be emptied. Once it’s full, you will get a notification through the app alerting you that it’s time for a new bag. 

And, if you use Google Voice Assistant or Alexa, you’ll be happy to know that you can integrate both with Leo’s Loo Too. If you need to adjust any settings or perhaps turn the system off, all you have to do is talk.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

We know you love your cat but you probably don’t love having to constantly scoop the litter box. 

So, what do you think about Leo’s Loo Too? Is this something you’d consider buying or are you content with the tried-and-true box and scooper? Let us know in the comments!

29 comments on “Never Scoop a Litter Box Again! This Smart Litter Box Scoops Itself!

  1. NCcatlady on

    Supposedly research has shown that cats prefer “open air” pans….especially if there is more than one cat in the family. I had a neighbor give me her self-cleaning pan when her cat died. The cats and I did not like it so I gave it to my Veterinarian for her cat. It did not work out for her either so it got passed on.

  2. Chris Daniels on

    I would love this if it really works. And it sounds expensive. I’ve had them before and they don’t work.

  3. Sue J on

    I am not really a ‘cat-person’ but I know plenty. So can you tell me, do cats really know to use these? And can you give some indication as to price?

  4. Hilary Temple on

    Sounds wonderful – and as if it costs a fortune!

    I don’t even like cats but my daughter has one and its littertray is a real problem.

  5. Norma Boone on

    I guess I would have to ask the price. I clean my litter box every day and it isn’t much of a chore. Sound good though if the price is right.

  6. Cindy Snyder on

    I’ve had self cleaning litter boxes before & wasn’t happy with them. Very expensive, I still had to clean the tray every day & it was noisy. I have 2 cats & they go through litter fast. What’s the price of this. From experience they are more expensive for what they are worth.

  7. Jennie Weckelman on

    Sounds good but the proof is in using it. Do you have a video? Does it work for multiple cats or do I need one for each cat? Can i afford it?

  8. Debbie Ellis on

    I would love this but, bet it’s too expensive for me. Would you have to get a certain kind of litter? It sounds wonderful though!

  9. Randy Farleigh on

    Sounds like a great idea. Let me know when this becomes available. Can it use regularly available litter. We use a mixture of nonclumping clay litter and the blue crystal litter. We avoid the clumping litter because it gets tracked all over the house.


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