UBooly | The Imagination Toy - More Play, More Fun, More Imagination!Parents, are you overwhelmed with all the toys your kids have? Frustrated with how they seemingly get bored of everything so quickly! If you want a toy that will keep them entertained for more than one use, you need to check out UBooly!

UBooly is a stuffed animal that you insert your smartphone or tablet into, instantly transforming it into a wonderfully engaging play toy! It ignites your child’s imagination by taking them on various “adventures” and even responds to hundreds of voice commands, creating endless possibilities for your child! Plus, UBooly is made with super soft material and is protected with memory foam, making it practically indestructible and extra cuddly for your kids.

This toy will engage even the hardest to please children! Finally there’s a toy that’s fun to play with and will keep your child entertained for hours! You’ve just gotta check this toy out for yourself – you’ll wish you had one when you were a kid. See what it does for yourself at UBooly.