ezpz-logoIf you’re a parent then you know feeding your little ones can be anything from adventurous to disastrous! Kids have no shortage of ideas about where food can go or how to get it there. So if cleaning up takes more time than the actual meal itself, you’re gonna love this new product we discovered!

It’s called EZPZ, and it’s an all-in-one plate/bowl-placemat that makes mealtime with your kids easy and a lot less stressful. The EZPZ mats are made from high quality silicone that suction directly to the table so kids can’t tip, knock over, or throw their plate or bowl – just to see how far it goes. They’re easy to clean and safe for your kid’s food, and include built in measurements so you can give your child the right amount of food. It’s convenient and smart.

EZPZ is a lifesaver when it comes to mealtime with the kiddos! It’s easy to store, easy to clean and hard to make a mess with! It’s the new, safe way to serve meals to your kids and dare we say, you can actually enjoy mealtime with your kids! If you want some relief from the stress of meal time, you’ve got to check out EZPZ today!