Sometimes there’s just nothing better than cracking open a soda on a hot day. Or on a cold day. Or… let’s be honest, any day is a good day to enjoy a refreshing soda.

But whether you’re guzzling down a 12-pack a day or just picking up a can at the convenience store, all of this can get really expensive over time. And let’s be honest — the markup on soda is astronomical. According to Business Insider, it costs companies like Coke and Pepsi about 16 cents to make a single can of soda, yet you’re often left paying over a dollar for a single 12-ounce can. That’s a crazy markup!

But what can you do about the price? Sure, you can buy the giant 30-packs, which bring the per-unit cost down… but you’ll still be dropping some unnecessary coin on the soda. You could also quit drinking soda, but that’s no fun at all — and sometimes it’s that kick of cola that really helps get you through the day. That’s why you need to check out craft soda!

With the rising popularity of in-home carbonation machines and craft soda syrup providers, it’s now possible to enjoy your favorite beverage whenever you want, for a fraction of the price. Craft soda is the latest movement in artisanal beverages. In many ways, it’s following in the footsteps of craft beer, with plenty of smaller companies making their own flavors — some of which are totally out of this world, such as a Stinging Nettle-flavored soda and an energy drink called “Jet Fuel” (we skipped that one). With all these creative options, it’s clear you don’t need to rely on the giant manufacturers for your soda.

For example, the Sprizzi Drink Machine gives you hundreds of drink choices. It also lets you cut out all the plastic and aluminum normally used in mass manufacturing. The only thing better than saving green and going green at the same time is the number of new soda flavors you can drink, text out, and mix!

Sprizzi Drink Co. Machine | Is Craft Soda The New Craft Beer?

Sprizzi Drink Co. Machine Photo by Beverage Daily

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