If you have a pet, then you’ll agree: There are few things you wouldn’t do to make them happy.

But honestly, being human can have its limitations. For example, if we could shoot lasers out of our arms, we’d surely spend a few minutes a day entertaining our cats with them. If we didn’t need jobs and could spend all day feeding our dogs treats… well, we just might.

Alas – while we can’t do everything to make our pets happy, at least we can enlist some help from the world of technology. Here are 10 smart gadgets that make life better for our pets – and ourselves!

1. A smart leash for dogs… and cats! Yes, cats – this leash was specially designed to provide maximum comfort while also being nearly impossible to escape!

Promising Review: “Every harness I’ve owned before this one caused my cat to do this weird penguin shuffle. Im pretty sure now that it was the center piece along her chest causing it. This harness is open along the chest, allowing her to gallop like the little pseudo-leopard she is.

The harness has both Velcro and buckles, and is very secure. Even with her super-rubber flexibility I don’t think she could escape if I tried to shake her out of it. It’s also made of a canvas-like material and seems comfy. If I nudge the leash the force goes mostly to her chest, so no kitty strangulation.” – Hannah Yates

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2. Entertain your pets for hours with this laser pet toy – cats and dogs love it! (Finally, something they can agree on…)

Tip: Also works great with interns.

Promising Review: “My Service dog is usually bored with his job of just watching me and I got him this to give him a little fun time on a rainy day. It work’s great and he just loves it and allows me to not have to shine a hand held one for him. Will be getting another one for an even larger play area.” – Randy Tyson

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3. Your cat wants a massage, but they’re too proud to ask. This brilliant Cat Massage Center keeps their pride intact.

At last, we’ve perfected the art of petting cats… and who knew? It doesn’t involve us. Oh well. Enjoy, kitty!

Promising Review: “We have one Bengal and a main coon cat. This is our bengals new favorite hang out! Introduced it with a bit of catnip and it was game over. I didn’t think that either cat would really use the nub on top, I was very wrong. Should have ordered replacements!” – Amazon Customer

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4. The “poop scoop” was a truly genius invention – and this state-of-the-art version is the last you’ll ever need.

Promising Review: “It’s very sturdy, and the springs have great tension to close the jaws around your dog’s mess. It has teeth that help it extract mess through grass, but I found that sometimes I need to jiggle it in specific ways to completely remove the mess.

This is probably more than you wanted to know, but, a few techniques I use when scooping with this device are:

– when clamping around a mess, open the jaws a bit more than needed and force it to the ground
– then give quick, gentle tugs up on the device to allow the springs to inch the jaw closed under the mess.
– or alternatively, after forcing the jaw to the ground, twist the jaws, keeping the scooper vertical, allowing the jaws to inch their way underneath the mess” – Nosterufast

Click HERE to get the Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Advanced Jaw Scoop

5. This classic innovation popped up in the 70s, and it’s still one of the best dog toys ever made. (If your dog doesn’t have one already… uh, what?!)

Promising Review: “Since the only people reading a review of a Kong are likely new to owning a dog, I’ll appeal to you with my review. Kongs are to dogs what Candy Crush is to humans. No, seriously. You pull the Kong out and they get this crazed hyper-focused look on their faces and you know the fun is about to start! Stuff it with treats, peanut butter, cheeze whiz, or literally nothing at all – it doesn’t matter, you’re dog will go crazy for this toy, particularly if they’re a chewer or chaser! They’re great for fetch, and (shhh – don’t tell my dog) I particularly like pulling ours out when I can see my Boston Terrier Xander wants to play but I’m too busy with housework (or Facebook) to throw the same ball over and over and over.

We own both the small blue puppy Kong and this classic medium Kong and he loves both. At just 5 months old he prefers the puppy Kong when he’s in the mood to just chew but LOOOOVES dragging his “big boy Kong” around to play! We tend to use this Kong for the above mentioned Kong bonanzas we give him to create positive associations and to keep him quietly busy for a little while.” – Berlee

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6. Wanna see what your pets are up to while you’re away? Maybe even give them a treat? We all do – and at last, this camera + treat dispenser has made it possible!

Promising Review: “I love, love, LOVE this product! It delivered very quickly. Literally took less than 5 mins to set up. Just download the app, create an account, connect it to your WiFi, then you’re ready to see, hear, talk, and give your fur babies treats! Connecting to my WiFi took about 30 seconds. As soon as you plug it in and access the app, it’s ready to connect and be used. I was so impressed at how easy the set up was. I was even more impressed by the quality. The product not only looks nice, but also the quality of the video thebmicrophone are amazing!.

The camera angle is wider than I expected, which is just another bonus. The photos, videos, talking, hearing are immediate and clear. There isn’t a second of delay or glitches. ( video showing) The treat container is bigger than I’d expect too which is awesome! I can give them more treats and not have to constantly refill the container. I’ve also put in a mix of sizes and types which have no issue being dispenses. I love seeing my pups’ joy talking to them and giving them treats. I would definitely recommend to everyone. Also, since the camera has such a wide angle, I’m able to see my front door, and window making it double as a security camera!

BONUS- even connects to Alexa! Super simple to connect, type in WOPET under skills to add your account. Now that I’m connected to my Alexa, I can schedule treats to be given at certain times throughout the day! Super convenient for when I’m not able to open the app on my phone. Alexa and the camera work together so easily!
Seriously the best item to have for your fur babies!” – Kerry T

Click HERE to get the WOPET Dog Camera + Treat Dispenser

7. Give your cat or dog a restful, pain-free night of sleep with this memory foam bed (great for older pups!)

Promising Review: “I have a seven-year-old dog. I bought her $150 dog bed when she was younger and she has never used it. I used the bottom cushion of it as a crate mat and she likes that but she will not get into the doughnut dog bed. I bought the Bark bed for her and she got on it as soon as I put it down on the floor. I brought it upstairs for the night and she immediately got on it rather than asking to get up on my bed. I’ve already made up my mind to purchase another one so I won’t have to be dragging this one up and down the stairs. She absolutely loves it and I do too. It is good quality.” – Marilyn K Moniz

Click HERE to get the BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

8. The hamster wheel was a brilliant invention for hamsters. But the silent hamster wheel? That one’s for both of us.

Promising Review: “We have had our Syrian hamster for about 9 months. During that time, I have purchased 4 different brands and styles of hamster wheels. Each time I was disappointed. The first version came with our first cage, and sprayed poop and pee outside the cage. The second was too small – I could tell by the hamster’s arched back and slow progress. The third was a wire/metal version that would not retain its rounded shape, and though the fourth was more solidly plastic and decent, it was so noisy! This silent runner was my fifth try. Finally! A quiet, quality wheel that is durable and fun for our hamster to run it. I admit, I hesitated over the higher price, but now I am so glad I decided to go for it! You will be, too.” – Discerning Mama

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9. We can’t forget our flying friends – this clever bird toy will keep them entertained for HOURS on end!

Promising Review: “We’ve bought this twice now–once for my conure who will probably keep it forever and enjoys playing with the frayed knots on it, and once for my G2, who is already starting to shred it to pieces. When he does, we’ll probably buy it again. So far, it’s lasted about three weeks and still seems to be going strong.

The wood is very ‘crisp’ and ‘hollow’ so they aren’t solid, thick blocks of wood. The break very easily, so smaller and mid-sized birds could probably break them, evne though the size of the toy overall is large.

I’d recommend it. It’s a quality bird toy–just be sure to replace the metal quick link at the top with something safer.” – Michelle Devon

Click HERE to get the Paradise Knots & Blocks Chewing Toy

10. Last but not least, something for the parents of these pets: the ultimate pet odor remover. Because let’s be honest, we love our furry, four-legged (or two-winged) friends… but not their stink!

Promising Review: “I’m very pleased with these… enough that I bought two for my house and one for my mother’s house! We have one big (mastiff) dog, and a couple small dogs, plus three cats. I placed in the laundry room (where the cat box is) and in the living room (where the dog beds are) and within 48 hours I couldn’t even tell we had pets! My husband also smokes in the house, and we can tell a definite improvement in the air quality and freshness. Highly recommended.” – RoundGoatCrafts

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