Most of us (myself included) have gone their whole lives buying cheap, generic toothbrushes. And while they seem to get the job done, they never really make your mouth and your teeth feel squeaky clean. You know, that sweet feeling in your mouth after you leave the dentist.

Well, regular toothbrushes were never meant to do the deep clean that we actually need on a daily basis. And regular toothbrushes don’t actually get rid of the plaque building up in your teeth. That’s because plaque sticks to teeth with an ionic bond that can’t be brushed away no matter how hard you try.

That’s what was so cool about discovering The Hygenius Ionic Toothbrush.

Hygenius Plaque Removing Toothbrush

The makers wanted to create a toothbrush that gives you “a dentist clean at a drugstore price.” They did this through what they call “Ionic Cleaning Technology.” This technology generates negative ions and polarizes the plaque fluid for a superior clean. The result is cleaner teeth, less plaque, and fresher breath. Plus, there’s no charging needed and crazy cords to cause more clutter in the bathroom.

This is such a simple and cool innovation that makes a huge difference in how your teeth look and feel everyday. Give yourself that dentist clean and try The Hygenius Toothbrush for yourself.

Hygenius Toothbrush

What Makes Hygenius Such An Incredible Innovation?

  • Plaque sticks to teeth with an ionic bond that can’t be brushed away no matter how hard you try. HyGenius releases that bond the instant it touches your teeth with powerful IONIC CLEANING TECHNOLOGY!
  • CLEANER TEETH: Scientific studies show that HyGenius generates TRILLIONS of ions, which free the plaque from the teeth.
  • FRESHER BREATH: Plaque can cause tooth decay and gum disease. HyGenius helps keep your mouth clean and breath fresh.
  • IMPROVED GUM HEALTH: Plaque is the leading cause of gingivitis. HyGenius Ionic Cleaning Technology frees the plaque from the teeth so it can be brushed away.
  • NO CHARGING NEEDED: HyGenius has a built in battery that is activated when you touch your toothbrush. When you SEE THE LIGHT, your toothbrush is releasing ions and fighting plaque.

What Do Hygenius Customers Have To Say About This Innovative Toothbrush?

“It makes the toothpaste foamy and it feels like the bubbles are cleaning.”
-Angela Mohr, Verified Hygenius Customer

“I was skeptical at first but really love this toothbrush. It feels like you just had your teeth cleaned at the dentist. Worth the $$”
-Diane S., Verified Hygenius Customer

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