I live down in Florida and during the summer it gets hot. I’m talking “the ice melts before you even get outside” hot. That’s why I am always looking for a cup that keeps my drinks cold. Typically this means a large, oversized tumbler. And while it does keep my drink cold, I never know what to do with it when I’m done and end up losing them or leaving them behind.

Or you can use a plastic cup that ends up going in the trash and is really bad for the environment.

Then my wife showed me a new, collapsible tumbler from a new company called HYDAWAY. This has to be the coolest cup I’ve ever seen. Not only is it insulted, so it will keep my drinks cold on those summer days, but also keep my coffee hot on those cool morning, but it folds up and fits right in my pocket when I’m done.

My wife loves that she can finish her afternoon cold brew and then fold up the cup and put it in her purse. The HYDAWAY Tumbler has become our go to for baseball games and sporting events, camping, going out with friends, bringing to the office and even traveling.

HYDAWAY Collapsible Drink Tumbler

What Makes HYDAWAY Tumblers So Great?

  • COMPACT | Transforms from a sturdy 16 ounces of your favorite drink to one inch of lightweight, easy to stash, food grade silicone in seconds. Sip, stow, and go on with your day.
  • INSULATING | A protective foam sleeve doubles down to keep your frozen drinks cold, your coffee hot, and your tumbler clean and tucked in the rest of the time. Your hands and your core temperature will thank you.
  • INTELLIGENT | Non-toxic, planet-friendly, plastic-free, and easy to clean, these intuitively designed tumblers are ideal for commutes, workouts, and happy hours everywhere.
  • PORTABLE | On the go? Of course you are! Thanks to rigid construction and a spill-proof lid, this tumbler lets you enjoy smoothies, coffee, and drinks without losing a drop.
  • COFFEE, SMOOTHIE, SUDS | Whatever you’re sipping while on the go, the Hydaway Tumbler makes it so that’s ALL you’re sipping. No plastic, no weird chemicals, and nothing you don’t want in your body. Just you and your favorite drink getting it done.

What Are HYDAWAY Customers Saying About This Innovation?

“Top notch product and revolutionary design. That’s the bottom line. This is one of the first items in my bag whether I’m biking around town, heading to work, or going camping. It works as good as it looks, and so I absolutely recommend this tumbler. It’s a must-have for anyone living an active lifestyle that demands a product that can keep up. Hydaway, Well-done!”
-Connor Barrett – Verified Customer on Amazon

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