blinkDo you worry about your home when you’re not there? Or even worry about someone breaking in while you and your family are sleeping? Let’s be honest, we all have some concerns about our family’s protection and we can’t always be there. You’ve looked into security systems and cameras but they’re so expensive! What if there was an affordable and simple way to protect you and your family? There is with Blink!

Blink is one of the only ultra-affordable, truly wire-free video home security and monitoring systems on the market! Blink runs on batteries for up to 2 years, so its reliability gives you peace of mind! The camera uses motion triggered technology, so any movement immediately alerts you and begins recording – which is viewable through their free app on your smartphone or tablet! So wherever you are, you’ll now always be able to have an eye on your house!

This is such a game changing product for the home security world! We love the long lasting battery design of the camera that eliminates having to worry about charging the device or dealing with tangled wires! So stop letting money be an excuse for not looking into home security and check out Blink!