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Top 5 Game-Changing Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

As the world of beauty evolves, so do its hacks. And lately, there have been pretty unbelievable ones. Below, you’ll find a short but sweet list of beauty game changers that are taking the world by storm. They’re truly incredible, cost hardly anything, AND made you look way better. What more could you want?! If you want in on all of these beauty wins, I HIGHLY suggest you keep reading!

1. CreaClip

Give yourself flawless haircuts for life with absolutely zero training.

As it turns out, you actually don’t have to leave this one up to the pros. They’re expensive and still sometimes don’t get it right. Finally, take matters into your own hands and do it yourself perfectly every time with the CreaClip.

Just slide the CreaClip onto your hair, pull down, and cut! Use the CreaClip to create perfect bangs, layers, angles — whatever you want!

As featured in BuzzFeed, Business Insider, and seen on Shark Tank!

What we love about CreaClip:
  • Saves you tons of time AND money without all the $$$ salon visits
  • Works on all hair types — doesn’t matter if its thick, thing, curly, or straight
  • Access to step-by-step video tutorials — the CreaClip library is massive for some inspiration
  • Gives you the perfect trim every time. Reliable and never messes up!
  • Great for kids too — there’s no need for them to spend your money at the salon either
  • CreaClip

    Retail: $199

    Your Price: $149

  • Buy X Get X FREE

    You Save $123!

    Buy X Get X FREE

    You Save $123!

2. Dodow

Get beauty rest no matter how anxious you are

It’s called beauty rest for a reason. Quality sleep can give you glowing skin, remove dark eye circles, and generally help you feel more confident. But sometimes anxious thoughts keep us up. Well, not if you have DoDow.

It’s your zen Buddhist coach that uses a metronomic light that trains your brain to slow its breath, turn thoughts off, and fall asleep.

What we love about Dodow:
  • Guided breathing preps your body for rest – The rhythmic light slows your breathing rate down to 6bpm – perfect for deep, blissful rest.
  • The light quiets your overactive thoughts – Focusing on the hypnotic light prevents you from focusing on random stressful things that keep you awake.
  • Easy and convenient – shuts off automatically and dims/brightens just by touching the surface
  • Dodow

    Retail: $299

    Your Price: $249

  • Buy X Get X FREE

    You Save $123!

3. Ulla

Staying hydrated is the key to beauty and has never been easier
Everyone knows hydration is a key to health and beauty, but it’s still somehow easily forgettable until you’re super thirsty. Ulla solved this problem the modern way: tech. With the help of Ulla, you can get the gorgeous, radiant, youthful skin you’ve always wanted, just by staying hydrated!

What we love about Ulla:
  • Start to feel healthier IMMEDIATELY — being hydrated is as important as it sounds!
  • Smart alerts remind you when to drink by automatically lighting up
  • Tracks how much you drink throughout the day
  • Fits any and ALL bottles, mugs and glasses — just go with your preference!
  • Ulla

    Retail: $432

    Your Price: $323

  • Buy X Get X FREE

    You Save $324!

4. Last Tissue

The last makeup tissue you will ever need
An eco-friendly and wonderfully chic approach to needing tissues. Whether you need them to remove makeup, blow your nose, or dab around your eyes, Last Tissue has your beauty game in mind.

You also never have to use a dirty tissue. Each pack comes with 6 organic cotton sheets, so you’ll always have a heads up for when it’s time to gently wash your items. They’re also a huge cost-saver: every LastTissue saves more than 3,100 single-use tissues as well as the plastic packaging each of them comes in. Be smarter, look better, and feel more prepared with the LastTissue.

What we love about Last Tissue:
  • Whenever you need a tissue, just take from the bottom and store it in the pouch at the top
  • Hygienic barrier separates used tissues from the clean ones so they never touch
  • The softest tissues you will EVER use
  • Super easy to clean — tissues are laundry-safe and silicone is dishwasher safe!
  • Lasts for years and years saving millions of trees in the process
  • Last Tissue

    Retail: $399

    Your Price: $349

  • Buy X Get X FREE

    You Save $123!

    Buy X Get X Free

    You Save $123!

5. Lure Essentials

DIY face and body cupping

Face and body cupping has always been a way to get gorgeous, glowing skin, but it’s usually been so expensive that it was really only available to elite clientele.
But thanks to Lure Essentials, you can finally do face and body cupping all at home and for a one-time low price! For those new to the practice, face and body cupping is a holistic health process relying on ancient medicine that helps

What we love about Lure Essentials:
  • Make your skin glow! The suction increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, and removes toxins for a glowing complexion
  • Get younger and firmer looking skin without plastic surgery or painful peels
  • Rejuvenates your face, neck and decolletage — using the cupping set all over!
  • Takes five minutes or less — such an easy addition to your routine
  • Scientifically proven to work after thousands of test results
  • 100% safe and natural materials — free from toxic BPS, PVC and plastic
  • Lure Essentials

    Retail: $2387

    Your Price: $7829

  • Buy X Get X FREE

    You Save $123!

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