thermo-hero-cParents – isn’t it awful when your child gets sick? You see the signs and symptoms and wonder what it could be? But let’s focus on the intrusive, difficult process of taking their temperature! No kid wants to deal with a thermometer in their mouth when they’re sick. But what if there was an easy, non-intrusive way to get your child’s temperature? And not only that – it gave you tips and advice on other symptoms your child has and the best course of action? There is with Thermo!

Thermo is a thermometer that is able to read your child’s temperature just by gently applying the device onto their forehead. No more struggling to keep the thermometer under their tongue for a read anymore – now you easily get a precise reading of their temperature! But that’s not all – based on temperature, age and symptoms, the device links with their free app on your phone to tell you the best course of action with your child. No more guessing whether to go to the doctor’s or not because Thermo makes it simple to know what works best for you and your kid!

My question is how has nobody come up with this before?! I may even get one of these for myself! I love how non-intrusive and easy to use it is! And finally, parents no longer have to try to guess and play doctor, with the comfort and ease of advanced health advice directly on your phone in minutes! So parents, do what’s best for you and your family by checking out Thermo.