device-for-blogAre you looking for an easy way to track your weight loss? I mean let’s be honest – we can track what we eat and exercise, but how do we REALLY know how well our weight loss is going? What if there was a device that gave you clinical, scientific readings about your weight loss journey? Now there is, it’s called LEVL.

        LEVL is a consumer health and wellness device and app that will measure a molecule in your breath using an innovative nanosenor. It’s so easy to use – you just take a quick breath into the device, press a button and in minutes you have your LEVL score.  Over time, the app will provide trends and education and how to improve your score so that you’re gaining maximum fat burning capability.

        Finally, a scientific and easy way to get REAL results and numbers of tracking your weight loss. I know I can get frustrated when I have a solid week of exercise and good eating only to not lose any weight! If this has been you, this is the product to check out! So stop waiting and check out LEVL now!