It’s time to “download” a new coffee routine! 

We all love coffee, and some of us (allegedly) can’t live without it. And now with many people working from home, more and more people are skipping the coffee run at the café… and making their own at home instead.

Now, a startup wants to make it even more seamless to brew coffee in the mornings (or evenings… you do you).

“Smart” coffee brewing…

In an age where everything seems to have its own app, it seems like no surprise that coffee makers would join in.

Bluprint is a coffee maker that uses a smartphone app and the power of social media to provide a “blueprint” for getting motivated, setting goals, and prioritizing tasks.

Coffee drinkers can schedule their brew time straight from the app, either before bed, or even first thing in the morning while getting ready.

Once the coffee is hot and fresh the app will send the caffeine-deprived user a notification – so no need to keep checking up on it.

The app almost does it all besides filling the water reservoir and putting in the coffee grounds.

But Blueprint doesn’t just make coffee…


On the app, users can track their “daily micro-goals” that consist of things like “Do 50 sit-ups” or “Meditate for 15 minutes”. These micro-goals can then be shared on Bluprint’s online community in order to stay accountable, provide encouragement, and gain inspiration for new goals.

The founders of Bluprint have stated, “For us at Bluprint, coffee signals the start to our morning and our to-do list for the day.

“Our vision for the brand is to build and foster a community around the morning coffee routine, inspiring people to set goals and be empowered to accomplish their ‘perfect day.’”

Wake up to (vivid) reality

It comes in 4 bright colors – mint green, white, rose gold, and blue – that are sure to separate itself from other bleaker coffee makers.

That said, it currently doesn’t have SCA certification, and the quality of coffee that the brewer actually makes hasn’t been properly evaluated.

However, the company has stated that they’re using “the latest in coffee science, including brewing temperature.”

Coffee enthusiasts can check out Bluprint here.

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