When your makeup starts to crumble, do you just toss it out and buy another expensive product?


That’s what the innovators behind FIXY wanted to uncover. They were sick of wasting money to buy new makeup kits and products just because you cracked your favorite eye shadow, blush or powder.

Their innovative repair kit can help you bring your makeup back to life in just 4 minutes. Plus it never changes the color of the makeup, so your makeup will look just as good on you as the day you bought it.

With FIXY, your favorite eyeshadow, blush or pressed powder will look brand new with NO color change and NO fragrance added. Plus, you can upcycle and blend your unused makeup colors to create a new shade to store in the small magnetic palette that’s included. You can even depot your makeup using the FIXY kit.

FIXY Makeup Repair Kit


What Makes The FIXY Makeup Repair Kit So Great?


SAVE YOUR MAKEUP, SAVE YOUR MONEY: Cracked your favorite eyeshadow, blush or pressed powder? With FIXY this there’s no need to replace pricey products

FAST & EASY WITH WAY LESS MESS: 4 steps in 4 minutes is all you need to make your crumbled mess brand new: grind, pour, spray, press and use immediately. That’s as easy as it gets

FRAGRANCE-FREE & NO COLOR CHANGE: FIXY keeps your makeup the way it was – the special binder evaporates away, leaving just your fixed makeup behind

SAVE, DEPOT OR BLEND NEW COLORS: Not just a broken makeup fixer – salvage the sides and corners of your favorite products or create new shades

ALL IN ONE KIT: Includes all the tools you need to repress makeup & save money – all packed in a handy compact cube with a cute magnetic palette, makeup binding spray, and 9 magnetic makeup pans


What Do FIXY Customers Have To Say About This Innovation?


“It works so well and made my broken highlighter brand new. My favorite thing was how little of the binder I needed and that it didn’t change the color! I also created 2 (duo) eyeshadow by recycling an older eyeshadow palette. It’s super fun. I still can’t believe how quick it was and it get easier each time I use it. I think I rushed a little too much at first; I was just so excited to try it out.”
-D. Fogel – Verified Amazon Customer


“Very cool product. I took several blushes or shadows that were down to corners and sides and created new shades. It was very easy. I even used left overs to press in rectangular used tins in another compact. Worked great! I will have to order new sprays at this rate.”
-Kathryn B. Black – Verified Amazon Customer

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